Intro: Isaiah Ervin (2019)


Posted On: 04/26/18 3:00 PM

Alton Marquette 2019 combo guard Isaiah Ervin stands at 6’1” with a thin build.  He was a sniper shooting it from the perimeter.  Drilled three triples off the catch.  Quick release and clean stroke.  Small college combo.

He broke down Marquette’s historic regular season.

“It went good.  We moved the ball and played good defense all season.  We lost in the regionals, but we made history going 32-0 to start the year and only lost one game.  I think I did good.  I am working on my body strengths so I can make a statement next season.”

What are the best parts of his game?

“My strengths are my shooting and ball handling.”

Ervin feels that playing with a high level team like Ramey-Jets United will help him as a senior.

“I think it is going to be a good experience coming into next high school season at Marquette playing against a high level of competition.”