Indyball: 2021 Standouts


Posted On: 04/18/18 8:21 PM

The first AAU event for Prep Hoops Indiana is complete and we got to see some really solid teams for the opening week. Having teams like EG10, UA Grind, Team Teague, and Indiana Elite gave us a glimpse at what to expect from some of the top programs this year.  Today, we being our breakdown by class of those prospects that stuck out to us continuing on with the 2021 class.

D.J. Hughes – 6’7 | PF | 2021 | Lawrence North (IN) | Indiana Elite 2021

Hughes is a beast of a player. He is built really well and can do almost anything he wants to do on the floor. He rebounds the ball well and once he gets it on the block he is going to score almost every single time. Hughes is able to move laterally very well and that helps him as he progresses his defense. He is an athletic freak and once his offense is refined, could be tough to stop.

Michael Eley – 6’3 | SG | 2021 | Fort Wayne Snider (IN) | Indiana Elite Central 2021

Eley was the most impressive player that I saw all weekend as he was able to get going pretty early on in the game and kept it going throughout the game. He was rebounding the ball and scoring at a high level. Eley threw down a dunk that thundered throughout the entire gym and he is a guy who one he becomes more comfortable will be really solid in every aspect. He’s a guard who has the potential to play at a very high level.

Vincent Brady – 6’2 | SG | 2021 | Lawrence North (IN) | George Hill Rising Stars 2021

I have seen Brady twice this summer and he is one of the more impressive 2021 players that I have seen over this AAU season. This weekend, he was running the floor really well and getting out in transition. He showed that he is able to play above the rim trying to throw down a few dunks, but kept getting fouled on them. Brady is a guy who could develop into a player that is highly sought after as long as he keeps progressing. It’s tough for defenders to stay on him with how he gets into the paint.

Silas Bauer – 6’5 | SF | 2021 | Loogootee (IN) | Indiana Elite Central 2021

Bauer is a well-built forward who can score at the rim pretty easily and rebounds the heck out of the ball. He needs to start stretching his game out to the perimeter as he is an undersized forward. He’s very athletic so he will be able to start playing out on the perimeter a little bit. Bauer is a guy who will bully guys down low and is able to face up as well. Bauer will be a name to know in the Southern part of the state.

Gus Etchison – 5’11 | PG | 2021 | Hamilton Heights (IN) | Indiana Elite Central 2021

Etchison was really, really good when I saw him on Saturday. He was attacking the basket and was getting it on defense. He is a guy who is able to take the ball and drive straight at his defender. Etchison showed me really solid defense with the ability to get his hands on the ball a ton. He’s a tough player to handle as he gives 100% on every play. He’s a guy to watch because he needs to work on his shooting a little more to make him more valuable.