IndyBall: 2021 Standouts Pt. 1


Posted On: 04/17/18 2:14 PM

The first AAU event for Prep Hoops Indiana is complete and we got to see some really solid teams for the opening week. Having teams like EG10, UA Grind, Team Teague, and Indiana Elite gave us a glimpse at what to expect from some of the top programs this year.  Today, we being our breakdown by class of those prospects that stuck out to us continuing on with the 2021 class.

Vincent Brady – 6’2 | SG | 2021 | Lawrence North (IN) | George Hill Rising Stars 2021

Brady is one of the more impressive guards in the 2021 class.  Like a few of his high school teammates, Tony Perkins, Jared Hanks, and others, Brady is a tall guard with length that can find a ton of different ways to shoot the ball.  Off-ball guard who is really well equipped to slide through the defense and get to the rim.  Could end up as one of the best scoring guards in the class.

Silas Bauer – 6’5 | SF | 2021 | Loogootee (IN) | Indiana Elite Central 2021

Bauer continues to show that he is always the toughest player on the court at any time. He’s a little undersized right now and while he’s not going to get a lot taller, he’s likely going to progress more as a wing.  Can rebound at a high level and finishes with contact.  Really fluid forward that has the athletic ability to play away from the rim and his best tools are when he’s faced up. Add in that stretch ability before he’s a senior and you have a really nice prospect.

Gus Etchison – 5’11 | PG | 2021 | Hamilton Heights (IN) | Indiana Elite Central 2021

Gus was pretty good when we saw him this weekend. Really interesting prospect as a lead guard as he can get to the lane as well as anyone else in the class. He’s going to work defensively and pick his spots better when shooting but he has the tools and you can see the path, just needs to put it together.  Gets to the right side of the basket at a high level and the speed he played with was really hard to stop.

Jaylen Carson – 6’6 | PF | 2021 | Crispus Attucks (IN) | Indiana Elite Central 2021

This was the best we have seen from Carson so far. The forward really showed off his three-point shooting in the games we saw. Just a catch and shoot guy right now but release looks solid and when he gets into rhythm he’s a guy that is tough to stop because he’s 6-6 and really long.  Looked more fluid as well getting up and down the floor.  Really solid post prospect in 2021.

Michael Eley – 6’3 | SG | 2021 | Fort Wayne Snider (IN) | Indiana Elite Central 2021

Eley might take a bit to put it all together but when he does he’s going to be really good. You watch him and see a play or two every game, like a huge tip dunk or crossover in the lane with a lengthy finish.  Skilled to no end just needs a game that puts it all together.  He’s a little more aggressive with his play than we have seen in the past and that could help speed up the process.

Curt Hopf – 6’7 | PF | 2021 | Forest Park (IN) | Indiana Elite 2021

Hopf was really good when we saw as well as he looks a little better with his mobility and his frame looks more filled out. Strength isn’t really a concern for him as he’s usually pretty tough, especially on the boards.  However, that mobility was great to see as he’s loaded with skill in the post and will need to obviously stretch that out at some point.

D.J. Hughes – 6’7 | PF | 2021 | Lawrence North (IN) | Indiana Elite 2021

Hughes could have a really big summer as he’s exactly what you would put together if you were trying to get a young big man some love from colleges for AAU. He’s really quick and mobile, super athletic, and assertive enough to always make plays.  He had a tip dunk in the game I watched that was pretty impressive as he was off balance and was still able to explode to make the play.  Don’t be shocked if he has offers by the end of July.