Posted On: 04/16/18 9:32 PM

The first AAU event for Prep Hoops Indiana is complete and we got to see some really solid teams for the opening week. Having teams like EG10, UA Grind, Team Teague, and Indiana Elite gave us a glimpse at what to expect from some of the top programs this year.  Today, we being our breakdown by class of those prospects that stuck out to us continuing on with the 2020 class.

D’Andre Davis – 6’4 | SG | 2020 | Lawrence Central (IN) | Indiana Elite 2020

Davis is really starting to become a big time prospect. He’s really grown in size the last year and now with his ability to shoot from all over the floor, with his length and ball handling ability, colleges are really going to become interested. He’s not really the type that is going to take over the game but can put up 15-20 points and you don’t really notice because of the manner of his game. Don’t be shocked if he gets some legit DI looks this spring.

Anthony Leal – 6’4 | SG | 2020 | Bloomington South (IN) | Indiana Elite 2020

Leal has grown as well and he’s doing everything at an improved level including showing more athleticism. Always a high-end shooter but now a legit 6’4 and long, he’s showing a bit more off the bounce as well as some more in the post.  Rebounding and impacting the offensive end of the paint.  Frame is picking up some strength as well and he could be on the path to his first offer soon.

Tre Coleman – 6’5 | SF | 2020 | Jeffersonville (IN) | Indiana Elite 2020

Just a year ago, Coleman was 6’4 and starting to develop his dominant style. Now, he looks like he’s grown three years older and is overpowering with his body.  Taking into account that his best skill, at least for his size, is his ball handling and he is just a scary prospect who is going to really be fun to watch this summer. So, so talented and if that offense catches fire, he’s going to be a priority for some local DI programs.

Max Gizzi – 6’0 | PG | 2020 | New Palestine (IN) | Indiana Elite East 2020

Gizzi had one of his better games we have been able to see so far. His game has become a little more refined and his motor and leadership is starting to be a bigger factor in his play.  He was really doing well showing that mid-range jumper and his passing ability.  Good leader on the floor and has enough size to handle some bigger guards.

Andrew Welage – 6’4 | SF | 2020 | Greensburg (IN) | Indiana Elite East 2020

Welage had a pretty good day on Saturday as we saw him make plays all over the floor. He’s been skinny for a while but looks to be filling out well. He’s not going to be as tall as his older brother but with that he might be more filled out physically and with his athleticism and length, he could be making some really impressive plays.

Edreece Redmond – 5’10 | PG | 2020 | Bishop Chatard (IN) | Indiana Elite North 2020

Redmond was pretty solid in the few games we saw. He’s not the biggest guard but he looks like he’s more comfortable making plays for others right now and that is key. Was a little more dependent on his own scoring in high school but he’s more balanced now.  Does well getting to the rim but that creation ability is suited really well to dish out of it.  If he can keep it going, this could be a summer that sets him up well for the rest of high school.

Alex Szilagyi – 6’0 | PG | 2020 | Fishers (IN) | Indiana Elite North 2020

Szilagyi was good as well when we watched as we saw him be a little more physical and more at the rim than shooting. He’s a tremendous shooter so the active ability trying to balance out his game is great to see.  He’s doing well on the ball and sticking to those lead guard traits, beating a press, driving to dish, and pacing the offense.

Carson Barrett – 6’4 | SF | 2020 | Central Catholic (IN) | Indiana Elite Central 2020

Barrett was doing a little bit of everything again on Saturday and Sunday.  He’s always been the tallest player on most of the teams he’s been on so his post game is strong and he showed that with his ability to finish on the low block, rebound at a high level, and just be more physical than everyone else. He’s really a wing so as the summer goes on, would like to see that become a bigger look for him but he’s just such a good basketball player, he’s always going to make plays.  If he does turn to more of a wing, then that will be great to see.

Rowen Farrell – 6’3 | SG | 2020 | McCutcheon (IN) | Indiana Elite Central 2020

Farrell continues to improve his ball handling and while he’s grown in size, he’s being more well rounded from the guard spots.  Never going to be a point guard but the improving handles should allow him to continue to find new ways to shoot the ball and from different areas on the floor.  Will be looking to see if he can make big strides by the end of the summer.