Posted On: 04/16/18 2:47 PM

The first AAU event for Prep Hoops Indiana is complete and we got to see some really solid teams for the opening week. Having teams like EG10, UA Grind, Team Teague, and Indiana Elite gave us a glimpse at what to expect from some of the top programs this year.  Today, we being our breakdown by class of those prospects that stuck out to us starting with the 2019 class.

Javion Reid – 6’3 | SG | 2019 | Michigan City (IN) | EG10 2019

Coming off a big year for Michigan City, it was great to see the 2019 guard go to work. Lean but strong and good handles. Looks like a player and had a few solid plays in the game I watched.  Can slip through the defense with the ball to finish at the rim and has the strength to shrug off contact.  Didn’t get to see him shoot in that game so will be interested to see how that comes around.

Wendell DeMyers – 6’4 | SG | 2019 | Traders Point (IN) | Indiana Elite Fastbreak 2019

DeMyers kind of stepped right back into where we saw him last summer, a really athletic guard who has a chance to play on the ball long term.  He’s still thin and needs strength but he can bust out and athletic play, like his drive down the lane to throw it down over defenders, that gives you an idea of his ceiling.  Has to kind of put all of the tools together and have that breakout game but one of my sleepers in this class that could bust out.

Spencer Piercefield – 6’0 | PG | 2019 | Center Grove (IN) | Indiana Elite Metro 2019

Piercefield is already committed to Indiana Wesleyan and coming off a high school season that had ups and downs, he was stellar all weekend as he shot the ball extremely well. He needs spacing to get into a groove but if he is given that, it’s over and he’s going to drill three after three.  First game we saw, you could tell he had it and the confidence was back.  He can create a really good pace to the game and when he is able to dictate it, it is really tough to stop him.

Myles Johnson – 6’5 | SF | 2019 | Indiana Homeschool Warriors (IN) | Indiana Elite Metro 2019

One of the guys NAIA and DII programs need to focus on this Spring is homeschool standout Myles Johnson. He showed on Saturday and Sunday just how much of an impact player he can be and did so without really having a good grasp of what he needs to do.  He’s got a ton of skill and can play inside, outside, in transition, and does all of it with pace and finished all plays with energy. However, he’s still got things he’s learning and is only starting to scratch the surface.  His three point shooting, though, was the surprise as he hit four in the game against Team Teague that was a battle.

Justin Hensley – 6’4 | SG | 2019 | Cathedral (IN) | Indiana Elite Metro 2019

Hensley was another player who made some plays that made you rethink a bit this weekend.  His ball handling looks really improved and if what we saw this weekend becomes a thing, he could bump up a level in projection.  He had a play where he had a defender on the wing, hit with a spin, a setback, and then quick first step to get past him.  Was impressive and unseen before.  Add in his shooting ability and size and he’s got a chance.

Cobie Barnes – 6’7 | PF | 2019 | Floyd Central (IN) | Indiana Elite 2019 

After missing Barnes 31-point performance in his first game, he continued to look good the rest of the weekend. He’s a big forward but he’s beginning to look a little more fluid on the perimeter and has the ability to stretch the floor. That is going to be key for himself as he progresses.  Profiles well as a small ball-4 who can provide some toughness and physical ability on the interior with his frame.

Silas Robbins – 6’4 | PF | 2019 | Linton-Stockton (IN) | Southwest Rebels 2019-Oldham

Silas and his brother Sammy are twins and not only that, they are a tennis doubles team.  Strange sport pairing but actually really important to note because Silas, as well as his brother, are exceptionally quick with their feet and have good lateral ability. Silas does this as a 6’4 forward with tons of strength and a motor so his ability to defend at the next level is pretty much a lock. Offensively, he’s more of a post forward with his game and can be the type of bruising forward that can set a tone in the paint.

Sammy Robbins – 6’5 | PF | 2019 | Linton-Stockton (IN) | Southwest Rebels 2019-Oldham

A lot of the same things apply for Sammy as they do for his brother Silas. The lateral quickness, the footwork, the frame are all applicable here.  Where they differ is Sammy is more comfortable as a perimeter player who can face up and make plays. He’s a little bigger but just as mobile.  He’s been the guy in the few games I have seen of him in high school and AAU.

Cam Alford – 6’0 | PG | 2019 | Brownsburg (IN) | Team Teague 2019

Cam has been on the verge of breaking out for a while now and his performance against IE Metro 2019 was something close to that. He was outstanding in that game where he was able to shoot over and over again from three and pretty much make everything including a halfcourt runner to send it to overtime.  His game is and has always been to drive right and finish with contact and power. His shooting has been secondary and not consistent. If he kicks that inconsistency, and puts up big numbers, his stock should take off.

Terry Hicks – 6’5 | SF | 2019 | Fishers (IN) | Team Teague 2019

Hicks is continuing his development and trajectory as a wing prospect. Each time out, he’s more and more fluid from the wing and his driving ability keeps getting better. Where he can be a different prospect is that his body frame and strength are right there and ready to go.  Want to see his perimeter shooting improve and be a bigger factor but he’s going to be able to have a chance this summer if he keeps trending this direction.