Grassroots Weekend Look-Ahead: April 27-29


Posted On: 04/25/18 8:23 PM

The AAU season really gets going this weekend as the second  live period is underway on Friday. As we will do each week moving forward, we have our complete listing of who, what and where:

UA Association: Session II – Fishers, Indiana: 

17U: G3 Grind 2019

16U: G3 Grind 2020

15U: N/A

Nike Midwest Takeover: Noblesville, Indiana: 

17U: Indy Heat 2019 Red, GP Premier 2019-Black, GP Premier 2019-Tempo, Hoop Dreams-Bowles, Thunder Basketball 2019

16U: Indy Heat 2020, FOH Nation, Indy Heat 2020-Red, GP Premier 2020-Red, Gym Rats 2020-Red, Soldiers Basketball, Club 1 Elite 2020, Indiana Legends, Team Blaze Select 2020

15U: Indy Heat 2021, Indy Heat 2021-Red, Character and Skills Basketball, GP Premier 2021-Red, Indy Heat North, Gym Rats 2021-Black, Indy Heat All Indy-Black, Indy Heat All Indy-Red, Soldiers Basketball, TPE 2021, GP Premier 2021-Black, Southwest Rebels 2021

Nike EYBL: Westfield, Indiana: 

17U: Indy Heat 2019 EYBL, Meanstreets 2019, Mac Irvin Fire 2019

16U: N/A

15U: N/A

UA Midwest Showcase: Carmel, Indiana:  

17U: SYF 2019, Team Future

16U: G3 Grind, Team Future, Grassroots Indiana 2020, Indiana Elite North 2020, SYF 2020

15U: G3 Grind, George Hill Rising Stars, Indiana Rise 2021

Adidas Silver Gauntlet (Indianapolis, IN): 

17U: IE Fastbreak 2019, IE Ice 2019, IE Metro 2019, Indiana GAME 2019, IE Force 2019, IE Central 2019

16U: IE East 2020, IE North 2020, Indiana GAME 2020, IE Red Storm 2020, IE Central 2020

15U: IE Central 2021, IE Ice 2021, IE Force 2021

Powerade Session II: Indianapolis, Indiana: 

17U: SYF 2019

16U: SYF 2019

15U: SYF 2019

Spring Classic: Fishers, Indiana:

17U: DistinXion 2019 (All teams), Gametime Thomas, IE Side 2019, IE Heat 2019, Indiana Faith 2019, Indy EBC White, Team Hatton, GP Premier 2019-Red, IE Prospects 2019, Indiana Faith 2019-Black, Men of the Family, Tipping Point/IE-Sumner, Fort Wayne Swish, Hoosier Hoops 2019, IE East 2019, IE Unsigned, Indiana Faith 2019-Red, Northside Spartans, Team Focus 2019-Gold, Team Focus 2019-Black, Club 1 Todd 2019

16U: DistinXion 2020 (All Teams), BCF 2020, GP Premier 2020-Black, IE Side 2020, IE Blackout 2020, IE Prospects 2020, Indy Nets Neon, Gym Rats 2020-Black, IE Green 2020, IE Select 2020, Team Focus 2020-Gold, Tipping Point/IE 2020, Club 1 Epps 2020, IE Wildcats 2020, IE Northeast 2020, Indiana Legends 2020, IE Heat 2020, Northside Spartans 2020-Staal, Team Focus 2020-White, Team Focus 2020-Black

15U: DistinXion 2021 (All Teams), IE East 2021, IE Prospects 2021, Indiana Faith 2021, Gym Rats 2021-Red, IE Heat 2021, IE Select 2021, Indiana Virtue Elite 2021, Club Elite 2021 South Bend, Hayward Hoops 2021, IE North 2021, IE Northeast 2021, Tipping Point/IE-Beadles, IE Blackout 2021, Tipping Point/IE-Brooks

Terrific 24: Indianapolis, Indiana:

17U: N/A

16U: Team Tab 2020

15U: NVB 2021, G3 Grind 2021

RecruitLook: Bluegrass Shootout: Louisville, Kentucky:

17U: Pocket City 2019, Indy EBC 2019, Grassroots Indiana 2019

16U: Pocket City 2020, Indy EBC 2020

15U: Pocket City 2021, Grassroots Indiana 2021