Posted On: 04/30/18 4:30 PM

Prep Hoops Missouri takes a look at the T.E.M. Select Program:

17U Roster

Cole Laurence 6’8″ Farmington

Brendan Smith 6’7″ Borgia

Tycen Gray 6’6″ Farmington

Kale Crawford 6’3″ Union

Sam Stichnote 6’3″ Southern Boone Co.

Avery Taggert 6’3″ Eureka

Luke Hicks 6’2″ Hallsville

Trent Champagne 6’2″ St. Charles West

Jake Luthy 6’3″ Vianney

Brady Trammel 6’2″ Southern Boone Co.

Outlook: A very solid team that won the championship at the St. Louis Spring Showdown at Pattonville during the first weekend of the evaluation period. There is good size in the lane with Laurence, Smith and Gray. Taggert is a talented wing player who is also a Division I football prospect. Hicks and Champagne are talented guards who can shoot while Stichnote is strong on the drive.



Dayton Turner 5’9″ (St. Clair)

Alex Brinkman 6’0″ (Borgia)

Blake Vaughn 6’4″ (Summit)

Trent Strubberg (Union)

Conner Ballman (Washington)

Cole Weber 6’2″ (Borgia)

Calvin Henry 5’6″ (St. Clair)

Matt Garnatz 6’3″ (Summit)