Posted On: 04/17/18 10:45 AM

Here is a look at the Ramey-Jets United program, which is playing on the NY2LA Circuit:

17U Roster

Malek Davis 5’10” Cardinal Ritter

Donovan Clay 6’6″ Alton (IL)

Malik Smith 6’3″ Alton (IL)

Trey Jenkins 6’7″ Sikeston

Daylan Dalton 5’6″ Francis Howell

Ray Adams 6’3″ Webster Groves

Luther Taylor 6’4″ Whitfield

Kobe Clark 6’5″ Vashon (2020)

Isaiah Ervin 6’0″ Alton Marquette

Malcolm Miller 6’4″ Shelbyville (IL)

Elijah Hicks 6’3″ Jennings

Cyrus Alexander 6’5″ Vashon

Outlook: Much of the nucleus from last year’s 16U team returns with guards Davis, Adams, Dalton, improving post player and the athletic Alexander. Clay is an emerging wing whose game has grown over the years. Clark, a talented 2020 wing, also has a lot of promise as a young player.


16U Roster

Nathaniel Norman 5’9″ Vashon

Jaylen Boyd 6’0″ Ladue

JJ Schwepker 6’4″ Fort Zumwalt South

Amir Spann 6’3″ Mt. Vernon

Armoni Ward 6’3″ Vashon

Nathaniel Garrett, Jr. 6’5″ Ladue

Simon Wilson 6’3″ Mt. Vernon

Evan Schneider 6’7″ Ladue

Elijah Bishop 6’6″ Soldan

Moory Woods 6’0″ Alton


15U Roster

Phillip March

Osiris Mahr

Marlon Owens, Jr.

Bill Jackson, Jr.

Reuben Howell, Jr.

Karl Moore, Jr.

Gary Ford, Jr.

Jaylen Phipps

Jaden Winfield

Tommie Williams, Jr.

Joshua Robinson

Moses Yates



March 30-April 1- NY2LA Swish-n-Dish, Milwaukee, WI

April 14-15: Rameybasketball Midwest Shootout, Belleville, IL

April 20-22: NY2LA Association League, Dallas, TX

April 27-29: NY2LA Association League, Minneapolis, MN

May 11-13: Memphis in May, Memphis, TN

May 18-20: Ramey-Jets United Tournament, Belleville, IL

July 13-15: NY2LA Association League, Milwaukee, WI

July 18-22: NY2LA Summer Jam, Milwaukee, WI

July 25-29: KC Sunflower Classic, Kansas City, KS