Grassroots Preview: Iron Athletics Sixers 17U


Posted On: 04/18/18 6:00 AM

The Iron Athletics Sixers 17U is a tough squad looking to make noise in the Northwest. Boasting talent from all over Southwest Washington, the Sixers are finding their rhythm after wins over T C Hoops and Battle Ground Select at the Hoop Invitational in Portland, Oregon this past weekend. I caught up with head coach Justin Roberts to get a feel for the Sixers group.

With only one player standing taller than 6’4, this team is all about the guards, and leading the charge is their 6’2 point guard, Carson Bonine. Bonine makes his presence felt with a combination of lockdown defense, great court vision, and leadership skills that all teams want from their point guard. Coach Roberts praises Bonine’s floor general ability, saying “He has a very calming presence about him and has been great for this group of guys.”

Roberts is quick to mention Alex Bishop as well, as the 6’3 wing packs a punch with sneaky athleticism and the ability to score in bunches. At the Hoop Invitational, Bishop had a three possession stretch that went as follows: and-1, and-1, made three-pointer. Running along the other wing is Tanner Toolson, one of three kids on the Sixers’ roster from the class of 2020. Toolson, a 6’2 two-guard, has one of the silkiest shots in Southwest Washington. Able to shoot from several feet off the three-point line, Toolson has the ability to stretch out defenses all over the court. Avery Seter, who was named to First Team All-League in the 1A Trico League this year, is a smooth scoring guard with the body control to finish in the paint against bigger opponents.

The Sixers’ perimeter play is rounded out by Carter Murray, who has been knocking down threes in bunches, Tyler Flanagan and Tyler Ricketts, both known for their tenacious defense and energy, and Colby Shaw, who heats up quick on the offensive end.

The last player on the Sixers roster is the 6’6 Jackson Clemmer, who serves as an interesting prospect in the class of 2020. Clemmer blends elite athleticism with a high basketball IQ to fill up the stat sheet. Not only is he a consistent double-digit rebounder, but he blocks shots, plays the passing lanes well, and makes impressive passes to spot-up shooters and flashing cutters.

According to Coach Roberts, this is a dedicated group and a group that is a pleasure to coach. Look for the Sixers to make some noise this spring and summer.

Iron Athletics Sixers 17U Roster
Player Name Height School Graduation Year
Alex Bishop 6’3 Woodland 2019
Carson Bonine 6’2 Camas 2019
Jackson Clemmer 6’6 Camas 2020
Tyler Flanagan 6’0 Woodland 2019
Carter Murray 5’10 Washougal 2019
Tyler Ricketts 6’2 Union 2020
Avery Seter 6’0 La Center 2019
Colby Shaw 6’1 La Center 2019
Tanner Toolson 6’2 Union 2020