Glue Guys from the Southern Brawl


Posted On: 04/23/18 1:13 PM

Glue guys are the players who do not typically show up in the stat book. They help their team win with effort plays and selfless basketball.

Body Elrod 2020 Oklahoma Hustlers Forward

Elrod was the perfect glue guy for the Oklahoma Hustlers 16U squad this weekend. He gives great effort on the boards and defense. If the ball goes up Elrod does his best to come down with it. Elrod scored the ball best in the paint with strong finishes. The effort Elrod gave on the court was tremendous. 

Avery Cook 2021 Ball 4 Life Wing 

Cook was one of the best glue guys playing up in the 16U division. He fought for rebounds making big-time plays around the ball. Cook also did a nice job of scoring the basketball when Ball 4 Life needed a basket. 

Jordan McAlester 2019 Ball 4 Life Point Guard 

McAlester is a feisty Point Guard that gives his all every moment of the game. He is lightning fast at 5’7, which helps him to create off the dribble for teammates and himself. The quickness of McAlester also makes him a good on-ball defender. McAlester is the type of player coaches love to coach because of their non-stop effort. 

Drew Miller 2020 AAO Flight Wing 

Miller saw the floor really well from the Wing hitting slashers in the perfect spot for easy baskets. He did a great job of scanning the floor and looking for the best shot possible. When there was a play to made Miller made the correct play buying into his team’s success on the court. 

Deonte Carroll 2019 Marcus Denmon Select Wing

If the ball was up for grabs he was on the floor or going after it in any way possible. He made sure to do anything and everything he could to help his team. Carroll is the ultimate team guy a coach loves to have on his team. 

Paul Richard 2018 No Excuse Elite Point Guard

Richard was a great glue guy for No Excuse Elite on Saturday doing so many small things that don’t show up on the stat sheet. He is good at creating off the bounce and plays hard non-stop. Richard hit several key deep three-pointers. He projects to the small college level. 

Mason Hart 2019 Game Changer Hoops Wing 

Hart is the definition of a glue guy on Game Changer Hoops. Standing around 6’5 on the Wing Hart provides Game Changer Hoops with length and rebounding on defense. On offense, Hart does not get a bunch of touches. What helps him to get more shot opportunities is garnering loose balls and offensive rebounds. He is clearly bought in 100% to helping his team win.

Azrion Harding 2018 No Excuse Elite Forward

Harding was awesome for No Excuse this weekend using his 6’6 size at the Forward spot to create havoc for opponents. He was the clear effort guy for No Excuse Elite in the paint pulling down boards, throwing down huge dunks, and playing tough defense down low. Harding projects ot the small college level.

Isaac Tesfaye 2020 Colorado Hoops Wing

Tesfaye made a ton of plays this weekend for his Colorado Hoops squad. The super high motor of Tesfaye is what led to him making a great number of plays around the basketball. Tesfaye made sure we noticed his play this weekend before he headed home to Colorado.

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