Future Stars Classic: Top Shooters


Posted On: 04/30/18 10:16 PM

These are the players who impressed us with their range from the outside. Gotta get a hand up on these young shooters.

Carter Arneson 2023 EP Elite

Arneson torched teams from the outside with his shot all weekend long. The lefty was not shy about letting it go if the defender had a hand down and often made them pay.

Evan Templin 2022 Comets Elite – Hedstrom

Templin shot the ball really well off of screens. His favorite spot seemed to be from the top of the key where he torched defenders multiple times from.

Asher Zubich 2023 Range Rebels

If you left Zubich open most likely the shot was going to drop. He showed nice touch from the outside and was one of the Range Rebels go to guys in the half court.

Nathan Lucas 2023 MN Heat – Pratt

Lucas was a shooter that you did not want to leave open if you were the defense. He made multiple of threes from all over the court and was a focal point for the defense to stop.

Dmarco Chelley 2022 Ripcity

Chelley did a lot of things well for Ripcity. He played solid defense and attacked the basket nicely. Where he impressed the most though was when teams would go under ball screens on him he would shoot the three and make it consistently. His ability to shoot threes off the dribble was impressive.

Matthew Hosmann 2022 MN Crossfire – Barker

Hosmann shot the ball well when open for his MN Crossfire team. He was not always hunting for his shot but when left open made most of them. Defenses took notice quickly that Hosmann was someone they did not want to leave open.

Alec Noha 2022 MN Heat – Engen 8

Noha was not shy about letting it fly from three. He was hunting his shot and he made most of the rounds he send up to the basket. That type of fearlessness Noha showed was impressive to see.