Future Stars Classic: Top Ball Handlers


Posted On: 04/30/18 11:00 AM

These are the players who showed that they could really handle the rock over the weekend.

Joey Flom 2023 EP Elite

Flom showed that he could handle any type of pressure the defense threw at him. He used quick crossovers and in and out moves to weave his way through traffic to make plays for his team.

Peyton Belka 2022 Comets Elite – Hedstrom

Belka is not a flashy point guard and will not wow you with any his speed or athleticism but he gets the job done the old fashioned way. He pounds the ball nicely setups up the offense and rarely turns the ball over which is all you can ask.

Vinnie Ingram 2023 MN Heat – Pratt

Ingram handled the ball really well over the weekend. Teams would press up on him and he did not seem flustered by the pressure and would dribble out of it. He would use his nice handles to setup other parts of his game and his teammates.

Ray Altenbernd 2022 The Hustle

Altenbernd had a nice weekend leading the fast break for The Hustle. He would get outlets and lead the break nicely as a handler finding open shooters and rim runners.

Jamari Newson 2022 Iowa Dynasty Select

There is a lot to like about Newson game. He has a nice shot, causes havoc on defense and comes up with hustle plays for his team. Most notable about Newson’s game however was the way he would handle the ball in the half court and in transition. He was like a shot out of a cannon in the open because of his nice handle.

Coman Young Jr 2022 WisconsinScholars

This young man was a blur on the court and lead the fast break nicely for the Scholars. He was a threat to take off and create even off made baskets because of how well he handled the ball under pressure.