Posted On: 04/23/18 8:30 PM

Francisco’s Finest: Prep Hoops Session # 1 (Biggest Standouts)

THOUSAND OAKS, CA—It was quite the trek to the Sports Academy, but it was worth it. In this era where there are far too many “Club” basketball squads, the task of covering a gazillion teams can be overwhelming, but this event was efficient with only four courts rolling. The main attraction were the heavy weight programs of The Truth, Pump n Run, and Cal Supreme.

The Sports Complex in Valley, was host to the 1st Annual Prep Hoops Session # 1 and the quality of teams made the long ride quite worth it. There were a plethora of talented players including sophomore Josh Christopher, juniors Jaime Jaquez Jr. and Jaden Shackelford, as well a number of under-the-radar prospects like Armon Muldrew.

Julian Strawther (Las Vegas/Liberty)              Club Team: United Supreme x Prospects

2020, WF, 6-foot-6, 195 pounds

Strawther is a point forward type with a Kyle Anderson feel for the game.

Joel’s Take: Strawther didn’t have his 3-point shot going until about 10 minutes left in the 2nd game. However, the other aspects of his game were evident. His greatest asset, other than his lengthy frame, is his overall feel for the game. He is a terrific passer who makes great decisions and as a result he has some Kyle Anderson (San Antonio Spurs) in him. Strawther isn’t an explosive athlete but he has excellent ball skills. He needs strength, but he could evolve into a a point forward type going forward.

Jalen Hill (Las Vegas/Clark)    Club Team: United Supreme x Prospects

2019, PF, 6-foot-6, 210 pounds

Joel’s Take: Hill is an undersized 4/3 with a nice frame (long arms) and he has good feet as well. He can face-up his opponent and get to the rim off the dribble. He finishes with either hand and his body control is impressive. While operating on the block he pivots well and is quite good in a pick-n-roll offensive set. Good feel, explosive finishes in transition, face-up drives/ LH finish/pivots/screen and roll

Shamar Wright (Murrieta Mesa)                       Club Team: Team Eleate

2018, WF, 6-foot-6, 170 pounds

Joel’s Take: Wright, who has a talented twin in Lamar, should garner some Division 1 interest this spring. The slick lefty can nail the 3-point shot, slither his way to the rim, and he’s an excellent passer. He needs strength, but the talent is upside is there.

Tyler Powell (St Bernard)                                 Club Team: Cal Supreme 15U

2021, SF, 6-foot-5, 185 pounds

Joel’s Take: Powell is a power wing who can attack the rim with a vengeance. He has the ability to finish through contact and he is aggressive. His jump shot off the catch is solid, but his mechanics on his pull-up needs polishing. He is a natural scorer, but he has the savvy to drop off some nice passes.

Jaden Shackelford (Hesperia)                        Club Team: The Truth 17u

2019, CG, 6-foot-3, 175 pounds

Shakelford is skilled lefty with a potent jump shot.

Joel’s Take: It could be argued that Shackelford has been The Truth’s most productive guard. The smooth shooting lefty has range out to 23-feet and his vision is impeccable. He’s not an explosive athlete, but he can weave his way to the rim and he always makes great decisions.

Demetrius Calip II (Taft)        Club Team: Cal Supreme 16U

2020, SG, 6-foot-3, 160 pounds

Joel’s Take: Calip II is a rangy scoring guard who can shoot it efficiently and his range extends to 23-feet. He has a high IQ for the game and his savvy passer in the half court set. For his game to go to the next level, he needs to get much more effective off the dribble and improve his mid-range scoring skills. At this stage is primarily a catch-and-shoot prospect who doesn’t affect the game much in the ares of rebounding and scoring in the paint area.

DJ Davis (Corona/Centennial)                             Club Team: Truth 16u

2020, SG, 5-foot-10, 155 pounds

Joel’s Take: Davis has long been known as a shoot-first combo-guard who has deep range on his jump shot. His ball handling has improved and he appears to be finding ways to involve his teammates at a much more consistent rate. He is a scorer as evident by his ability to beat defenders off the dribble and score in the paint via the floater/runner.

Jarred Hyder (Cajon)                           Club Team: Team Eleate

2019, CG, 6-foot-3, 170 pounds

Cajon’s Jarred Hyder showcased his potent pull-up game

Joel’s Take: One of the better kept secrets in Southern California is Hyder. The mid-range shooting machine is a high-level student as well. Mid-range pull-ups are his go-to move, but his range on his jump has improved (gets great lift) as well as his finishing skills in transition. In the paint he can toss in the floater, but he needs to get better at attacking his defender in the half court set and creating for his teammates to take his game to another level.