Posted On: 04/30/18 11:41 PM

There is so much basketball action to see during live period tournaments that no one can see it all.  However, what I did see were some wings and forwards that can play on the next level during UAA I and the Great American Shootout.

Jakevan Leftridge / 6’7″ / 2019 / Dallas Mustangs / W

Leftridge is a wing player with guard skills.  He has multiple dimensions to his game and will only get better in the right kind of system.  Jakevan can take players off the dribble, post them up, or shoot mid-range jumpers over them.  His game is one that makes him dangerous on a basketball floor anywhere inside the three point arc.  With a good season, he will attract suitors from low Division I to NAIA I with his skill set.  Leftrigde is definitely a talent that will help any future team he plays for.

Jeremiah Robinson-Earl / 6’9″ / 2019 / KC Run GMC / F

Robinson-Earl is an active worker in the paint that does not mind taking on larger forwards.  He is relentless on the glass and finishes in the midst of contact without issue.  Robinson-Earl battles on both backboards which makes him an asset when he is on the floor.  Robinson-Earl also has a polished post game with flawless footwork.  His ability to work in the paint is the very reason he is the number two ranked player from Kansas.  Look for him at one of the country’s high majors when the 2019 college season comes around.

Makhi Mitchell / 6’9″ / 2019 / DC Premier / F

Mitchell is a bruiser on the offensive and defensive boards.  To be honest, there a few players that can stop him from garnering rebounds.  Makhi is too big for most players that try to keep him off the boards.  His offensive game might not be as polished as others but he works hard on the offensive end.  Makhi runs the floor well for a 6’9″ big and finishes at the rim with little issue.  For a high or mid-major Division I school, he will be a rebounding machine.

Jalen Perkins / 6’6″ / 2018 / Louisiana Elite / F

For a undersized power forward in today’s game, Perkins has the game of a big player.  He rebounds the ball using his athleticism to negate the size advantage of tall players.  Perkins has the unique ability to rebound the ball, get it to a guard, and run his wing with effectiveness.  He beats taller players down the floor and finishes above the rim.  With his athletic ability, schools from the mid and lower Division I schools could covet his services because his skill set is good for his size.  Those types of schools are looking for players like Perkins that can run the floor and rebound the ball.

Makhel Mitchell/ 6’10” / 2019 / DC Premier / F

Think of the body type an rebounding ability of his brother but with a better mid-range game, that is Makhel Mitchell.  He is a load in the paint and very hard to root out when he becomes anchored in the post.  Like his brother Makhi, Makhel rebounds the ball well on both ends.  Because he is more offensive minded than his brother, he is more of a threat to score which puts defenses in a bind when they are on the floor together.  Makhel can block shots with the best big men also.  Mid major Division I schools and up will have great use for a big man his size who can actually score in multiple ways.

DeAngelo Epps / 6’5″ / 2019 / Team Charlotte / W/F

Epps is a player who goes 100 percent from the time he steps on the floor until he finishes playing.  He has the ability to take guys off the dribble, rebound in traffic, and can defend three to four positions.  His is not long and wiry like some players; however, what he lacks in height he makes up for in effort.  Taller players find him hard to guard and keep off the boards.  Because he is so active, he will get the occasional over the back calls.  Consequently, his effort can never be questioned.  With improvement to his perimeter game, Epps might finish his high school career with plenty of Division I offers.  Even if those offers do not come, he will be a great player on the next level.