Posted On: 04/5/18 11:03 PM

With the end of the high school season, we began our AAU previews at the start of March and now we have begun the look at rosters. Rosters and teams are starting to take shape and we are getting more and more everyday. This one, is a look at Indiana Elite East 2019 my Mike Gizzi.

11 Max Gizzi 6’0 PG 2020 New Palestine
0 Dawson Eastes  6’4 SF 2020 New Palestine
53 Tristan Ross 6’5 PF 2020 Pendleton Heights
14 Miles Wilkison  5’11 PG 2020 Greensburg
34 Drew Byerly 6’3 PF 2020 Franklin Community
20 Grant Taueg 6’0 PG 2020 Cathedral
10 Gunnar Vannatta 6’8 C 2020 Zionsville
2 Andrew Welage 6’4 SF 2020 Greensburg
25 Luke Brown 5’10 PG 2021 Blackford
30 Jackson Jannsen 5’10 PG 2020 Carmel

‘Roster Breakdown:  This roster is really good with a ton of guards that can score the ball. Luke Brown, if he plays this summer, is one of the best scoring guards in the state. Max Gizzi and Brown can score in bunches from the perimeter as well as Jackson Jannsen when he is making his shots. Grant Taueg is a solid player who didn’t see much time at Cathedral this past year. Gunnar Vannatta will get a lot of floor time this year and then you have Andrew Welage, one of the best prospects in the 2020 class.

Guy You Have To Watch: Luke Brown (Blackford)

Brown is electric and fun to watch. The sophomore to-be is one of the best scorers in the state and this summer should show it. He can score in so many different ways and can make them from way behind the line. He is able to score at will it seems and this summer could show us what level he can play at in the future.

Best Bet To End Up Breaking Out: Andrew Welage (Greensburg)

Welage is a very well rounded player at this stage in his career. He is effective at all three levels and has a really nice pull-up jumper. He rebounds the ball really well from the wing. Welage doesn’t have any offers quite yet and this summer he should really see some low major colleges pull the trigger. A guy you have to go and see this year because he’s going to breakout.

Who Should Be Watching: LM-NAIA

At this point there is only one D1 player on this team, Welage, but there are a lot of players for NAIA or even D2 schools here. You have guys like Vannatta, Gizzi, and Taeug who are really solid and should be seeing some interest coming this summer. Luke Brown will stir up some interest this summer as well but probably won’t gain any offers as he comes back from injury.