First Look: EG10 2021


Posted On: 04/11/18 4:00 PM

With the end of the high school season fast approaching, we began our AAU previews at the start of March and now we have begun the look at rosters. Rosters and teams are starting to take shape and we are getting more and more everyday. This one, is a look at EG10 2021 coached by Brian Owen.
Prospect HT POS Class High School
Kale Gaither 6'0 PG 2021 Union County (KY)
Colson Montgomery 6'4 SG 2021 Southridge
Khristian Lander 6'1 PG 2021 Evansville Reitz
Trevor Taylor 6'2 SG 2021 Edgewood
Cameron Banks 6'2 SG 2021 Evansville Central
Drew Carlton 6'4 SG 2021 Evansville Reitz
Chrishawn Christmas 6'5 SF 2021 Gary West
Blake SIsley 6'8 PF 2021 Heritage Hills
Jordan Thomas 6'6 PF 2021 New Albany
Kaleb Applebey 6'8 C 2021 Mt. Carmel (IL)
Roster Breakdown: Of the 2021 teams in the state, you could make an easy argument for EG10 2021 as the best.  This group loaded up on kids from the southern part of the state in a class where that area is loaded.  With guys like Colson Montgomery, Khristian Lander, and Blake Sisley, they have quite a bit of top end talent.  They also have a ton of size, with no players under 6’0. For a freshman team that is great to have.  This team has pretty much all you could want and their size is about perfect to play outside and inside and against different matchups. Guy You Have To Watch: Khristian Lander (Evansville Reitz) Lander is one of the best players in the state and he is coming off a stellar first season at Reitz. Now, he’s going to be the lead guard for one of the best 2021 teams in the Midwest and should be a playmaker with this group.  He will have plenty of weapons around him and he isn’t dependent upon scoring the ball. Is willing to make plays everywhere. Best Bet To End Up Breaking Out: Blake Sisley (Heritage Hills) Sisley has the best chance right now. Size matters in this sort of thing and at an early age, it catches the eye the most. So, Blake, even if he wasn’t already extremely talented and skilled and able to play away from the rim, would still be the best bet out of the group.  With DI upside, he should shine this summer. Who Should Be Watching: HM-LM With it being so early on the 2021 class, you don’t have non-DI programs that will be out looking at this class yet. However, All levels of DI should be taking a look. There are guys who should get looks from HM programs like Colson Montgomery, Blake Sisley, and Khristian Lander but the rest of the roster is worth a look as well.  Should be a team that draws a ton of eyes early on.