Posted On: 04/4/18 10:05 PM

With the end of the high school season, we began our AAU previews at the start of March and now we have begun the look at rosters. Rosters and teams are starting to take shape and we are getting more and more everyday. This one, is a look at EG10 2020.

Ronald Johnson 6’1 SG 2021 Park Tudor
Rickie Wedlow 6’1 PG 2020 Richmond
Sincere McMahon 6’1 PG 2020 Indianapolis Tindley
Tony Perkins 6’4 SG 2020 Lawrence North
Julien Hunter 6’4 PF 2020 New Albany
Jordan Stolle 6’5 SF 2020 Richmond
Jylen Petty 6’6 PF 2020 South Bend Washington
Dominic Franklin 6’6 PF 2020 Chicago Bogan (IL)
Charlie Peterson 6’8 PF 2020 North Central

Roster Breakdown: This team is going to play fast led by a trio of guards in Ronald Johnson, Sincere McMahon, and Tony Perkins. They are going to fly up and down the court and will be able to drive and dish for threes. They don’t have any true forwards besides Charlie Peterson, who can stretch it out a bit, so this is going to be a team who really uses their athleticism to wear other teams down. Will be a fun group to watch this year.

Guy You Have To Watch: Julien Hunter (New Albany)

Hunter was a bit shadowed playing at New Albany these past two two years with Romeo Langford but this summer he will be able to showcase his game on a stage that will utilize him at his true position. Hunter is a guy who can score a bunch in a hurry along with really solid defense. Now that he will get to play in the flow of the game he could be really solid on the summer circuit.

Best Bet To End Up Breaking Out: Tony Perkins (Lawrence North)

Perkins is a very athletic guard who will take it to you on both ends of the floor. He needs to add a little offense and if he does this summer the offers could come rolling in. He’s a guy built on a perimeter jumper and if we see that more this year along with an ability to more freely drive to the rim, he could be in for a huge summer. He’s so versatile already so adding a little more offense could do tons for his recruitment.

Who Should Be Watching: LM-NAIA

There are a couple kids on this roster who are fringe D1 players and a few who are definite NAIA players. Every school in the midwest who is a non D1 should look at this group as well as a few low majors. If a school is looking for a versatile guard or wing, this is the team to find it on. Won’t be much in the way of recruiting for NAIA’s or D2’s right now but a couple low major programs may like what they see.