Early Spring Stock Risers

North Carolina

Posted On: 04/17/18 9:19 PM

Team ENC 2019 Guard Demauriea Nickelson: We were introduced to him last summer at a local tournament with RAID Nation and had the opportunity to track him throughout the high school season. His ability to score the ball is clearly evident, when he is truly locked in, he is a player that can grasp the attention of college coaches not only with his talent but potential and upside. Throughout the game we saw he brought a high level of intensity on the defensive end of the court and stayed aggressive, if he continues to play this way he should hear his phone ringing sooner than later.

RDC Lakers 2019 Guard Jayvis Harvey: He’s one of the names that you probably heard the most about on social media after the event and rightfully so. He has all the tools to be successful such as: Height as he is a legit 6’3-’64 Guard, Scoring ability, which he showed all tournament long and poise, he doesn’t seem to get rattled regardless of the situation.

WBC Elite 2019 Forward Jace McKenney: One of the high flyers at the event, he drew a lot of attention from people who hadn’t seen him play before due to his ability to make plays above the rim. Offensively he is still rounding his game overall, but when you mix his athletic ability as well as energy and strength, then you have a player that you can put in the floor that can make plays without you needing to run anything for him.

Big Shots Elite Wing 2020 Marcellus Avery: What is there not to like about this young man, he’s 6’6 + with a long wingspan, a high skillset and nice upside. The versatility he brings to his squad is something that you see on a regular basis, not only can he play multiple positions offensively but can also defend multiple positions. He showed his ability to the get to the basket against some of the top talent in the state, and we won’t be surprised to see colleges adding his name to their radar.

Team ENC 2019 Guard Phillip Martin: Clearly he was one of the better shooters that we saw throughout the event which was not a surprise as we saw his outstanding shooting ability all season long. In catch and shoot situations he is pretty much automatic but he also showed the ability to score and make plays off the dribble. Overall there is a lot to like about him as a player and he will only continue to raise his stock if he keeps up this play as well as showing that he can run a team at the PG spot.