Early Risers at the Prep Hoops Route 66 Kickoff


Posted On: 04/8/18 11:45 AM

Early consolation games can be tough to rise up for on a Sunday morning. The players listed in this article made sure to leave the Prep Hoops Route 66 Kickoff with a bang.

Corey Nickerson 2019 Team Harden Wing

Nickerson was great being aggressive slashing to the basket for open looks. The length of Nickerson makes him tough to handle at 6’7 especially when you add in his big-time bounce. Nickerson is projected to be a NCAA Division I prospect.

Carius Key 2019 Pipeline Combo Guard 

Key brought big-time energy to the court on Sunday morning at the Point Guard spot. He attacked the rim using his physical 6’1 frame with a great change of pace to glide to the hoop. Key has a killer mid-range pull up that kept defenders guessing.

Jaden Jones 2021 Pipeline Wing 

What makes Jones a prospect to watch is he does so many things good. The vision and crisp passing, smooth drive to the cup, blocks on defense, and rebounding of Jones were good this morning. The three-point shot of Jones was hit and miss, but he hit it enough to open up the lane. Jones had a good weekend in Oklahoma City.

Jett Sternberger 2019 Game Changer Hoops Guard 

Sternberger continued to be one of the best scorers in the tournament. He shot the ball lights out from three-point range. This morning Sternberger was fantastic at using crafty moves to get to the basket. Sternberger will be one of the top NCAA Division II recruits out of Oklahoma this year.

Tyree Boyd 2019 Oklahoma Power Wing

Boyd is a super bouncy athletic Wing with upside. He has improved so much the last year progressing from a role player to one that can be counted upon to give a good team major minutes. He was at his best when he was attacking the rim. Boyd is a player small colleges should keep an eye on.