D.C. Adidas Gauntlet Top Shooters


Posted On: 04/24/18 7:44 PM

This past weekend the East region of the Adidas Gauntlet was held in D.C.. There was plenty of talent on hand and we will be handing out multiple superlatives from the event. We take a look at some of the top shooters from the event below.

2018 6’7 Dave Wingett | Team Loaded NC

The 2018 unsigned senior is on a loaded team of talent and Dave might be the fourth option on his team. However, when he gets an opportunity to shoot the ball, he make sure it counts. Wingett showed all weekend that he can shoot the ball in any given moment during the game, whether it is from midrange or three point land. He was making shots with the defender right in his face, when he was wide open and he was pulling up in transition. Low majors should be all over the unsigned senior if they are in desperate need of a shooter.

2019 6’5 Darin Green Jr. | Team CP25

Darrin was on fire from three all weekend long for a talented CP25 team that went 3-1 in D.C.. He shot 46% from deep all weekend and was a problem for many defenses that faced him. He is known for a knockdown shooter and that was on full display at the first live period. Right now he is receiving low and mid major interest but some high majors are sniffing around and keeping him as an option.

2019 6’5 Bryce Waterman | NY Jayhawks

Bryce is another guy on a talented roster that might not be the first option but when his number is called, he is ready. Bryce is a confident shooter that is always ready to fire it up when he gets the ball in his hands. All weekend long he was knocking down wide open jumpers from all areas on the court. He has shown that he has all of the potential in the world to knock down shots and low major schools should take notice right now if they are looking for a shooter.

2019 6’3 Moses Flowers| Team New England

Moses finished third this weekend in points per game finishing with 13.8. He shot 50% from three and that is where he stood out multiples times when I was watching him. Team New England does a fantastic job of running plays for him to get his shot off. However, if there is not a play called for him, he has the capability of creating his own shot. I would expect more mid majors to get involved with the guard out of Thayer Academy.

2020 6’5 Judson Martindale | Team New England

Team New England is full of talent and that explains why they got off to a 3-1 start this past weekend in D.C.. Judson just finished his sophomore season at Worcester Academy and he looked prime for a breakout spring. He hit multiples three’s in games this weekend and is going to be a key piece for his team. Iona is currently his one offer but this list will certainly grow as the season goes a long.