Posted On: 04/11/18 1:00 PM

The Colorado Hawks have been one of the top programs in Colorado for 10+ years and haven’t shown any signs of slowing down. They’ve produced some of the state’s top talent and have sent plenty of student athletes to some of the best colleges in the country. They have players that have graduated college, are still playing or coaching, but one thing is for certain, they’ll always represent the Colorado Hawks brand. As we transition to the grassroots portion of the year, we take a look at the Hawks 15U, 16U and 17U teams with a breakdown of the roster and what to look for as AAU begins.


Colorado Hawks 15U Roster


Nolan Marold – ThunderRidge — 6’6 W

Garrett Arnold — ThunderRidge — 5’11 PG

Kenny Noland — Rio Rancho,NM — 6’1 CG

Maurice Walker George Washington — 6’2 CG

Jordan Whittaker — Smoky Hill — 6’2 G

Ty Robinson — Eaglecrest — 6’3 G

Eddie McPhee — George Washington — 6’4 W

Mike Titera — Cherry Creek — 6’8 C

Tyce Baldwin — Fossil Ridge — 6’3 W


Players to Watch


Ty Robinson is a young man that many think can become the over all top over player in the state. He is already on an everyday grind to improve his game that is being noticed throughout Hawks staff. Ty has start to put his early struggles at Eaglecrest behind him and is ready to lead this team. Already having a strong performance in the Route 66 tournament in Oklahoma, he’ll look to build on that as the summer comes.


Jordan Whittaker has all the tools to become of the best players in the state and this will be the platform for him to prove it. With improved work on creating some consistency with his jump shot he’ll become an unstoppable player and make this 15U roster that much stronger.


Garrett Arnold is a player that gained a lot of experience this season in a limited role for ThunderRidge. He’s a player that knows his role and comes in the game and makes an immediate impact. On this 15U roster, he’ll be able to showcase the type of player he is and prepare for another big season for the Grizzlies in a much bigger role.


X-Factors: Nolan Marold and Tyce Baldwin




Colorado Hawks 16U Roster



Devin Carter — George Washington — 6’3 SG

Hez Swanson — Overland — 5’11 PG

Graham Ike — Overland — 6’8 C

Sebastian Cole — Cherry Creek — 6’ PG

Reese Johnson — Resurrection Christian — 6’3 SG

PJ Steed — Denver East — 6’ CG

Kaleb Chaney — Overland — 5’11 CG

Elias Hill — Regis — 6’4 W

Xavier McCord — Cheyenne East — 6’5 W

Demetrius McCord — Cheyenne East 6’4 W



Players to Watch


Devin Carter is coming off of a year where he started out the year on a great run before ending his season early due to personal reasons. This will be a big summer for him as we haven’t seen him in action in a couple of months but know that he can change the outcome of the game with his shooting. He’s a knock down shooter that also finishes well at the rim and is a player that many teams will go out of their way to attempt to limit his play.


Graham Ike is a player that I had to throw in based off of ceiling alone. He’s a 6’8 big man with skill. If it weren’t for a foot injury that derailed his season and sent him to JV for a while he would’ve been able to make his impact for the Trailblazers. With his foot healing, expect a big summer from him and his size to change plenty of shots.


Sebastian Cole was a standout player for Cherry Creek that finally found its rhythm to close out the year. He played exceptionally well in league play and that’s in unarguably the toughest league in the state as he averaged 8.2 points a game and made his mark in all areas. This will be a summer of growth with a pretty strong group.


X-Factors: Reese Johnson and Hez Swanson



Colorado Hawks 17U


Aaron Bokol — Eaglecrest — 6’5 W

Dayne Prim — Grandview — 6’5 W

Chase Hettinger — Castle View — 6’5 SG

Kenny Foster — Smoky Hill — 6’5 SG

Kwane Marble — Denver East — 6’5 CG

Tucson Redding — Overland — 6’3 PG

Quinten Rock — Smoky Hill —6’ PG

Malik Patton — George Washington — 6’7 PF

Will Becker — Smoky Hill — 6’8 W

Stephen Hayes — Overland — 6’3 SG

Jake Chrisman — Yuma — 6’8 C



Players to Watch


This Hawks team is loaded. There aren’t just two players to look out for, seeing as how all of these people are top options for their respective schools. With that being said I do think a couple players pop out like Quinten Rock a player who will excel in grassroots this year. He can score in multiple ways and does most of his damage off of the dribble. He also can switch it up as a spot up guy or even coming off picks which makes him a tough cover. Add that with his ability to pass as he’s an unselfishness player that can light it up from deep and you can see a bright spot for the Hawks. They have the top guards in the state for sure. Another player that stands out is Kwane Marble. His size and ability to take over when called upon will separate him and have him as a standout all summer that teams will have a hard time containing. State champion Dayne Prim has a game that allows him to take over, while not having to do too much and there isn’t a more perfectly suited group than this one. He is one of the state’s best back to the basket players and he’ll be able to play his slower paced, half-court offense geared pace game with the second unit at times.


X-Factors: Kenny Foster, Will Becker and Tucson Redding