Posted On: 04/3/18 10:03 AM

As the class of 2018 moves on to college, Northern California is looking to turn the page over to the next wave of talent. 2018 was full of big time Division 1 players such as James Akinjo, Elijah Hardy, Naseem Gaskin, Andre Kelly, and more. Despite class of 2019 having a good number of potential division 1 players, many believe that the class of 2020 may have more potential Division 1 athletes than the class of 2019.

Some of the potential Division 1 athletes from the class of 2020 includes Dublin’s Robby Beasley, St. Pat’s Dishon Jackson, Vanden’s Jhaylon Martinez and more. The talent level from the sophomore class has spilled over to how some of the top AAU programs are shaping up their teams. For example, Chuck Hayes Basketball and Team Arsenal’s 16 and under teams are both in the Gold Division of the Adidas Circuit while their 17 and under team is either in the Silver Division or they don’t have a 17 and under team at all. Team Rampage and Lakeshow may have multiple sophomores play up on their 17 and under teams, when these two teams have had history of carrying all juniors and unsigned seniors. Team Lillard and the Oakland Soldiers 17 and under teams will feature a lot of out of the area recruits and possibly a few sophomores.

One would think that there is a lack of talent in the 2019 class but it could be a huge possibility that it’s more of how loaded the 2020 class is as a whole. AAU basketball in the spring and High School basketball this winter will be a new look for Northern California with the many faces that we were used to seeing, playing in college. However, the incoming junior class has the possibility to be one of the most exciting classes Northern California has seen in a long time.