Posted On: 04/12/18 3:05 PM

The 2017-18 season at the 2A classification was dominated by younger players.  This youth movement was on display at the state tournament in Pendelton where Columbia Christian, with a group of mainly freshmen & sophomores, defeated Western Mennonite, whose best players will return as well, for the state title.  This youth movement was also seen on our 2018 Class 2A All State Teams.


CLAY SULLIVAN                                  SR               WING                   VERNONIA            (PLAYER OF YEAR)

BEN GREGG                                          FR               FORWARD          COLUMBIA CHRISTIAN

PAYTON RICHARDSON                    SO                WING                   WESTERN MENNONITE

CONNER MARCHANT                       SO                 GUARD                TOLEDO

CAMERON BENZEL                            SR                POST                     OAKLAND



JONAH DOWNEY                               JR                GUARD                  SANTIAM

EMOREJ LYNK                                   SO                 WING                    KENNEDY

DALE TAKALO                                    SR                  WING                    KNAPPA

BRIAN GORACKE                               SO                 GUARD                 MONROE

DUANE STOKES                                 SR                  GUARD                 GRANT UNION



Jaydn Spangler                                   JR                   GUARD                 TOLEDO

KEETON HULL                                 JR                    GUARD                 WESTERN MENNONITE

BRETT SPEED                                   SR                    GUARD                  WESTON MCEWEN

ISAIAH MARISCAL                          SO                    GUARD                 COLUMBIA CHRISTIAN

ALEX NICOLI                                   SO                     WING                     WESTERN MENNONITE



WADE REIMERS                              SR                    FORWARD            GRANT UNION

BRODY WOODS                               SR                    WING                       STANFIELD

JAXON ROZEWSKI                         FR                    POST                        TOLEDO

MARCUS MANTANONA                 SR                    GUARD                    LOST RIVER

BRANDON PIETE                             SR                    WING                       REGIS

ZACK YOUNG                                     SO                    WING                      MONROE

COLTON WEIRUP                            SR                     GUARD                   KNAPPA

ROCCO CARLEY                               JR                      POST                        KENNEDY

NIC FREEMAN                                  SR                     GUARD                   OAKLAND

BRYSON PIERCE                              SR                      WING                      PILOT ROCK


2018-19 Way Too Early Top 5

With so many underclassmen on this list, 2018-19 is sure to be a super competitive year at the 2A level.  Add to the mix several programs that are dropping down from class 3A and teams that make it to the state tournament are sure to be battle tested.  Here is our look at a way too early class 2A Top 5 for 2019.

1.  Columbia Christian – Assuming that Pac 12 prospect Ben Gregg stays at the school, the Knights will be in the mix to win the next 3 state titles.

2.  Western Mennonite – Coach Gary Hull returns three players that made our all state list from a team that was a play or two away from winning the blue trophy.

3.  Toledo – Coach Eddie Townsend returns his entire team from a program that won their 4th straight league title and advanced to the state tournament.

4.  Kennedy – The Trojans return key pieces from a state trophy team, and might be the only team with the size to match up to Columbia Christian.

5.  Monroe – The Dragons return the bulk of their line up including ultra talented combo guard Brian Goracke.