Posted On: 04/27/18 10:51 PM

The second AAU weekend for Prep Hoops Indiana is complete and we got to see some really solid teams for the second weekend. Today, we finish our breakdown by class of those prospects that stuck out to us. Next up is part one of the 2021 prospects.

Chris Mantis | 6’5 SG | G3 Grind 2021 | Lowell HS (IN)

Mantis is a really solid shooter when set and doesn’t have any fear to reel off shots quickly. He’s pretty solid on defense due to his size. He could use a little more weight and muscle to his body at this stage. He likes to push the ball hard up the floor, a good asset for any young player to have.

Blake Wesley | 6’2 SG | G3 Grind 2021 | South Bend Riley HS (IN)

Wesley can take the ball off the dribble to the basket really well as he showed in this game. He has the ability to rise up and shoot pull up jumpers all day long. He’s long and well built for a 2021 kid. He has the potential to be really good is his offense keeps progressing along. A guy who could attract some D1’s next year.

Jayden Taylor | 6’3 SF | G3 Grind 2021 | Perry Meridian HS (IN)

Wesley is a supremely athletic guard who can jump out of the gym. He is thin but well built and uses his body well on defense. A little slow laterally but makes up for that with his quick hands. Didn’t really show me much offense when I saw him but he does all the little things right. He face guarded his man all of the second half.

Isaiah Barnes | 6’6 SG | Illinois Wolves 15U | Romeoville HS (IL)

Barnes is a long and lanky off ball guard who is able to play with the ball a little bit but is better suited to be on ball. He’s a guy who already scores the ball at all three levels as he hit a couple threes and threw down a dunk. His jumper looks really good as well. Quick guard who has a ton of speed with the ball.