Breakout Candidates: Zero Gravity Southern Showdown (Part 3)


Posted On: 04/13/18 5:01 PM

It was the first AAU tournament of the season for many of the teams in the Virginia area, and for us it was a good chance to see who will be on what team to start the summer and what their roles might be. We knew many of the players already, but we still found some new guys and see the potential for many of them to break out moving forward. Here’s a look at six freshmen who are ready to make a name for themselves in a couple of weeks when the live period starts.

Efton Reid | 6’11” C | Steward School/Team Loaded VA (2021)

Efton Reid

After a successful freshman season at Steward School, Reid continues to impress with his skill set and maturity already. There aren’t many 6’11” kids at all that have the skills he has as just a freshman, and he showed it with his great footwork, ability to score with both hands and stretch the floor. He’s improving every day, which is scary to think of because he is already light years beyond the average big in his class.

Roosevelt Wheeler | 6’10” C | John Marshall/Team Loaded VA (2021)

While Reid is the skilled one, Wheeler is the raw and athletic big that thrives on the defensive end right now. He has the potential to be an elite level rim protector as he continues to improve his timing, and he has a budding skill set offensively that will make him very good from 15 feet and in. He’s already a rim runner and rim protector, and with time he should continue to develop into something special.

AJ Williams | 6’1” PG | Varina/Team Loaded VA (2021)

AJ Williams

One of the most polished freshman guards in the state, Williams was a big reason that Varina was able to win their first state championship this season and he’s going to be a go-to scorer for Loaded 15s this summer. He can really shoot the basketball off the catch, and with a quick trigger and supreme confidence from deep he can light anyone up at any time. He has to continue to develop as a PG, but he has a natural knack to score the basketball.

Logan Barbour | 5’11” PG | William Monroe/River City Reign (2021)

Logan Barbour

Barbour played a major role for William Monroe in high school but I never got to see him, but first impressions last weekend were very promising. The 5’11” guard has good length, plays with pace and has a natural feel for the game you can’t teach. He’s a dual threat guy that can score it or create for others, and he’s adept at getting in the paint and getting to the free throw line for easy points.

Mac MacDonald | 6’0” WG | Collegiate/Team Richmond (2021)

MacDonald didn’t play on varsity because Collegiate was stacked with upperclassmen, but he showed some promise with TRGR 15s this past weekend. He is lights out from deep, doesn’t force shots and has effortless range. The most intriguing thing moving forward is that his father is about 6’7”, so if he grows anywhere near there he’ll be an intriguing shooter prospect with great size.

Piercen Young | 5’11” G | Brookville/Team Loaded CVA (2021)

Young was a guy I had heard about out of the Lynchburg area, and he has some stuff to him you can’t teach. He comes from an athletic family (his sister is heading to Kent State next year), and he has the competitive drive that shows that. He’s a combo that can create his own shot, is unselfish, and he’s an above average athlete that plays much bigger than his 5’11” frame.