Posted On: 04/9/18 5:29 PM

It was the first AAU tournament of the season for many of the teams in the Virginia area, and for us it was a good chance to see who will be on what team to start the summer and what their roles might be. We knew many of the players already, but we still found some new guys and see the potential for many of them to break out moving forward. Here’s a look at seven guys who are ready to see their recruitment pick up, or just start, in a couple of weeks when the live period starts.

Joel Kabimba | 6’8” PF | Middleburg Academy/LBA Attack (2019)

Joel Kabimba

Kabimba is the new big name floating around Northern VA this spring, after a couple of big camp showings heading into the AAU season. The 6’9” big is a physical specimen with an intriguing skill set and the ability to dominate the paint on both ends of the floor. He plays hard and is physical in the paint, can run the floor and finish way above the rim. Expect for him to be very popular with division one coaches in a couple of weeks when the live period starts.

Tyrese Jenkins | 6’6” F | Varina/Team Richmond Choice (2019)

Tyrese Jenkins

The Class 5 state player of the year is set to break out not he recruitment trail this spring if coaches do their job the way they should. The versatile forward can play inside-out, has a good feel for the game and impacts it in a number of ways. He’s money from the midrange, can finish around the basket, passes well for his size and hits the glass well. He’s a guy who can play in a number of systems and play a number of roles as well.

Julien Wooden | 6’7” WF | Northside/Team Loaded VA (2019)

Julien Wooden

I have written about him in the past, and it’s still unbelievable to me that he only has three offers to date. He still has so much room to grow, and with all the tools that he has there’s a good chance he will be a better player in college than he will be right now. Playing the sixth man role fit him well, as he was able to come off the bench as a spark on both ends of the floor, and his versatility allows him to guard and play all over the floor for them.

Josh Nickelberry | 6’4” WG | Northwood Temple/Team Loaded VA (2019)

Josh Nickelberry

The high major prospect is set to explode here with Loaded, because he’s going to be able to do exactly what he does well which is score the basketball. He’s bouncy, can create his own shot with the ball but also moves well without it and he has the ability to make contested shots from all over the floor. He’s recently picked up offers from Louisville and Ole Miss, and he’s going to have high major coaches from all over checking him out on the Gauntlet.

Adrian Payton | 6’5” PF | Norfolk Christian/Team Richmond Choice (2019)

Griffin was a pleasant surprise for one of the Team Richmond groups that featured good size, but no one that protected the rim the way that he did. Offensively he showed that he can score with both hands and run the floor, but defensively he made some big time plays as he met high flyers at the rim and guarded in the post against guys much bigger than him.

Antonio Pelham | 6’5” F | FUMA/Team Richmond Elite (2019)

On a talented Team Richmond Elite team, Pelham could be the x factor for them this season with his ability to cause mismatches. He can really stretch the floor in either pick-and-pop scenarios or in transition, and he’s able to rebound unlike many shooters that you would plug in there. He’s a scholarship level kid that will shine if given the opportunity.

Dalton Taylor | 6’0” PG | STAB/Team Loaded 434 (2019)

Dalton Taylor

You have to love the toughness that Taylor, son of UVA Girls Assistant Tim Taylor, brings to the table. He’s 6’0” on a good day and not the most athletic kid, but he’s tough and crafty with the ball in his hands and he has a high IQ. He doesn’t back down from anyone, he can create and make tough shots off the bounce and he’ll leave everything on the court to give his team an opportunity to win the game.