Brad Boyd Basketball Showcase Recap


Posted On: 04/2/18 5:14 PM

On Saturday, Brad Boyd held his 6th annual unsigned senior showcase in Youngsville, Louisiana. Players from all over the state played in scrimmages in front of evaluators from colleges and prep schools. The two, 16 minute halves allowed all players to show their scoring ability, ball handling skills, and defensive ability. From the talent in the gym, there are definitely some good prospects left looking for a four year institution, junior college, or prep school to give them a chance.

Small guards on display

Small point guards were definitely at a premium during the showcase.  Out of the four, ten player teams, the white team has a trio of guards under six feet who played well.  Tony Zachary (5’8″ PG, Opelousas) was a marksman from three point land and showed an ability to direct an offense effectively.  Jaylin Walker (5’9″ PG, Washginton-Marion) used his dribbling ability to penetrate and make passes in tight spaces.  On several cases, Walker even showed the ability to rebound against taller players.  He definitely was not scared of contact.  Then there was Beau Chene’s Skylar Arceneaux (5’9″).  Along with shooting and penetrating, he displayed a 40-plus inch vertical leap as he attempted to dunk on several of the taller players.  This guard trio played off the ball as well as handling the offense.  A school who does not mind having smaller guards on their roster might be happy with either of the three.

Big men putting in work

There were not many players 6’5″ and above at the showcase.  However, the few guys who played post for their high school team were in attendance.  Two of the “bigs” that caught my eye were Arthur “A.J.” Bean (6’5″) from Comeaux and Travis Whitehead (6’5″) from Berwick.  Both Bean and Whitehead showed the ability to rebound the ball effectively.  A.J. displayed range short of the three point line while Whitehead’s range was best suited in the paint area.  Each players biggest asset was their ability to get out on the break and run.  While Bean definitely revealed an above average ability to get out on the break and finish, Whitehead’s capacity to do the same was almost otherworldly.  At one point during the scrimmage, Travis finished one break with a dunk where his head was above the rim from his vertical leap.  This play woke the crowd up.  For these two young men, I am sure junior colleges and small schools would like to incorporate their athleticism and skills into the program.

Shooters galore  

One thing that there was an abundance of at the showcase were shooters.  A myriad of shooters from around the state showed their shooting prowess during the different scrimmages.  Taaj Daniels (6’2″ SG, Morgan City) and Ellison Booker (6’3″ SG, The Church Academy) were streaky with their shooting during the scrimmages.  They would start off each half cold.  However, when they got warmed up, each player would hit five or six threes in a row (contested and uncontested).  West Monroe’s Christian Taylor (6’2″) was deadly on corner three point attempts.  Justice Williams (6’2″ SG, Delhi) had periods where he was hot showing how he helped Delhi to the championship game.  The most impressive shooting spectacle was that of Trenton Payne (6’2″) of Jehovah-Jireh.  During the championship game, Payne dominated Crescent City with his low post game.  On this day, he displayed marksmanship unseen during the high school season.  Payne has obviously expanded his game.  He, along with the other marksman, showed off their shooting ability and hope it helps them garner a position at the next level.

All around guards

Three players, at the showcase, that displayed their full games during scrimmage play were Jimmie Pittman (6’2″ PG, St. Amant), Quincy Leday (6’4″ W, Opelousas), and Abdell Phillips (6’2″ G, Delhi).  During game play, Leday presented his ability to guard multiple positions, shoot from the perimeter, and rebound in traffic.  Even though his frame is slight, he attacked the glass and was not afraid to mix it up.  Pittman has his steady floor game on full tilt.  His point guard ability to see plays before they happened was evident in the heady plays he made.  If guards did not check him in the half court, he drained threes from 25 feet with ease.  Abdell was an all star a couple of weeks ago in Bossier City and onlookers in the gym could see why.  Phillips can drive and finish through contact, he can shoot from the perimeter, and can run on the break with the best of them.  In the final game, he had two dunks over players that excited the crowd.  His long wing span and leaping ability make his shots hard to block.  These three young men treated the crowd and made scouts aware as to how their ability can translate to the next level.

The Brad Boyd showcase was definitely a good experience.  Players got a chance to show off their skills and further their cases to play on the next level.  Coaches and scouts got to see each player in game situations which can only help them going forward.  Look for some of these players to definitely make moves on recruiting lists in the weeks to come.