Biggest Surprises from The Warmup


Posted On: 04/15/18 1:34 AM

Estell Laster 2019 Team Griffin Wing 

Laster had a huge game for Team Griffin in their first game at The Warmup. He scored at will and could not be stopped. He just found ways to score in the game. He shot the ball well throughout the game and got a ton of easy baskets because of the other team’s turnovers. He was active on both sides of the court as he rebounded the ball well. His length helped him get into passing lanes and get steals. Laster came off the bench and was the catalyst to Team Griffins huge run in the first half. 

Payton Breedlove 2019 Oklahoma Wolfpack White Post

Breedlove was a bright player as his team struggled in their first game of the day. Breedlove works hard in the paint and scores through contact. He was dominant in the paint and also did a lot on the boards. He rebounded the ball well throughout the game. 

Julian Cockrell 2019 Oklahoma Wolfpack Green Post 

Cockrell is the type of player that just works hard for his team. He does whatever the team needs. He rebounds the ball well because of his size and good positioning. He showed a touch of good passing throughout the game as well. He was intelligent and did all the little things. He also had a presence on defense. His length caused his opponents to shoot over him. He also can get blocks inside the paint. 

Trey Green 2019 Oklahoma Impact Guard

Green was not a surprise because of having a great game. He was a surprise because of the way he played against a 7-footer plus. The Oklahoma Impact did not have a post that could compare in size but Green did all he could against his opponent. He caused him fits throughout the first half causing turnovers and missed shots. He did whatever the team needed and even took it to the rim against much bigger opponents. He was confident and played hard throughout the day. 

Garrett Rouse 2019 Oklahoma Impact Guard

Rouse kept Oklahoma Impact in the game for much of the first half. He shot the ball very well even when contested. Rouse showed his range and was consistent with his shot throughout the day. 

A Ferron 2020 Oklahoma Impact Post 

Ferron is a typical stretch four. He is a good rebound and has solid size with a touch from the outside. He does all the dirty work that his team needs of him. He scores the ball well in the traffic of the lane. He can score through contact when he is close to the basket. 

Kobey Stephens 2021 Pro Skills Oklahoma Guard 

Stephens is a fast guard that is a good defender. He has active hands while on defense and forces a lot of turnovers. He can handle the ball well and beat his man off the dribble. He passes the ball well and finds the open man. Stephens has had a good start in the first couple of week and he has been a big surprise on how well he has played. 

Eric Gooden Oklahoma Wolfpack 16U Guard

Gooden has good handles which draws attention to himself and allows him to be unselfish. Gooden’s passing ability helps him be able to get his teammates open shots. He can take it to the hoop and finish at the rim through contact or he can hit a 15-footer. He plays good defense and makes the offense earn any point they get against him. He rebounds the ball well and had a good weekend for the Wolfpack.