Biggest Stock Risers from the Southern Brawl


Posted On: 04/23/18 3:46 PM

This article features the players that took their game to another level this weekend on the basketball court. These players went above and beyond their typical performances and have clearly improved over the past year.

Conner Calavan 2020 Tulsa Hawks Wing 

Calavan has a new look and swagger to his game at 6’3 on the Wing. He has improved big time over the last year, which is leading to great showings on the court. He scored the ball best from three-point range making opposing teams pay for leaving any room for him to get a shot off. Calavan plays with a high basketball IQ. The jump he has made makes him a prospect small colleges need to keep tabs on in the Oklahoma 2020 Class.

Cole Durkee 2019 Ball 4 Life Wing 

Durkee has transformed his game over the past year from a player that was primarily used as a spot-up shooter to someone that can now score off the bounce. The jumper of Durkee has long been one of the best in the 2019 Oklahoma Class. Now that Durkee is starting to develop the ability to create it takes his offense to another level. He uses crafty ways to find openings in the defense. Durkee is a small college projected prospect. 

Jett Sternberger 2019 Game Changer Hoops Point Guard

Sternberger is a talented Point Guard that can heat up in a moments notice. What caught my attention this weekend that has him the biggest stock risers category is the passion and drive he plays with on the court. Sternberger wants to win no matter what the cost. He does everything he can to make his team better. At the Prep Hoops Southern Brawl Sternberger was brilliant at creating for others. Most know Sternberger for his ability to score, but he is a much better passer than people give him credit for at the Point.

Drew Miller 2020 AAO Wing

Miller did several positive things on the court that made him one of the biggest stock risers from the weekend. The height of Miller at 6’5 allows him to get his shot off against most defenders with ease. He scored it well from all three levels on the court. Miller also made sure if there was a play around the ball to be made he did everything possible to make it. He was truly bought into his team’s success.

Miles Slater 2019 Game Changer Hoops Guard

Before this weekend I saw Slater as more of a Point Guard. After watching him this weekend I came away impressed with his ability to score the ball from three-point, mid-range, and driving to the hoop. Slater is a gifted offensive player that could play the two Guard spot. The only thing that works against Slater playing the two is height. That said if Slater can continue to show college coaches what he did this weekend he will have plenty of small college options to play the one or the two. He had one of the best weekends scoring the basketball out of any player in the tournament.

Isaiah Davis 2020 Victory Ministry Guard

Davis makes this list because of his overall fantastic showing this weekend at the Combo Guard spot. He excelled at creating with the ball in his hands. The thing that made him difficult to stop was his ability to score at all three levels. He plays running back in football, which is easy to see with the way he plays being able to change pace at the drop of a dime. The strong build he has also helped him barbell through the lane for tough buckets in the paint.  

Talyn Shettron 2022 405 Elite Guard 

Shettron is one of the most talented 2022 prospects I have seen so far in Oklahoma. He moves well at 6’1 as a Combo Guard. Unlike most taller players that get stuck in the paint, Shettron has developed Guard skills. When he drove to the rim he made it look effortless scoring with ease. He is going to be a player to know in the 2022 Oklahoma Class. 

 Lian Ramiro 2020 Colorado Hoops Point Guard 

Ramiro was one of the most impressive Point Guards of the weekend with his competitive drive. He first caught my eye with the pesky defense he plays for Colorado Hoops. The thing that has Ramiro as one of the biggest stock risers of the weekend in his quickness with the ball in his hands. He can make a lot of plays happen with the ball in his hands.

Elliot Paschal 2020 AAO Flight Wing

Paschal really impressed me in the two games I had the chance to watch him. The high basketball IQ he makes at the Point Guard spot is tremendous on both ends of the court. Defensively, Paschal picked off a couple of passes exploiting the passing the lanes. He was great in transition. The jumper of Paschal added to his intrigue at the Point Guard spot. Last but not least what most stood out about his game was the way he passed the ball to teammates and set them up for great success.