Big Shots Tourney: 2020 New Names That Stoodout

North Carolina

Posted On: 04/15/18 8:49 PM

NC Empire 2020 David Murphy III: One of my favorite players of the tournament, he’s a pretty laid back youngster but once he stepped on the court it was a different story. His natural feel for the game is something that you notice almost instantly, he always knows where he and teammates are at on the floor and makes the right pass at the right time. At about 6’2-6’3 with a long wingspan he probably grow some more and if he reaches 6’5 ish then things could truly get ugly for the opposition.

Team ENC 2020 Guard Samage Teel: Teel has a very smooth game, he has a pretty quick first step and got into the paint just about whenever he wanted. His ability to finish as well as the ability to knock down the trey ball with efficiency caught our attention, if he stays locked in he could have a very nice spring and summer for Team ENC.

NC Empire 2020 Guard Steven Riley Jr: As the PG of the team he has the difficult job of making sure he got everybody involved while protecting the ball regardless of the defenses he faced. Overall he did a solid job of both and helped the team offense run as smoothly as possible, he has very good ball handling skills which he put on display with some impressive moves against defenders.

Big Shots Elite SC 2020 Guard Shakeem White: On of the top ball handlers that we saw throughout the day, he is a player that keeps defenders guessing and is a tough one to keep in front of you. He has a high amount of moves and counter moves so to say he can frustrate a defender is very accurate, his passing ability was also something that caught our attention as he found teammates throughout the game with on point passes.

NC Empire 2020 Myles Evans: It always interesting to see what a big man brings to his team, especially one that is a bit younger. With that being said we were very impressed with Myles Evans, he played the game at a high level and within the flow of the team offense. He rebounded the ball well, contested shots, has good hands, and showed that he can play from the high post as well as making plays on the block with his back to the basket.

SC Baller Elite 2020 Guard Devonte Johnson: Although his team he brought what we always love to see from a youngster and that is a high amount of energy. On the defensive end he was constantly applying pressure, chasing loose ball, setting himself up to take a charge and so on, every team needs a player that’s willing to do all the small things for a win.