Big Shots Standouts 2020: Part 1

North Carolina

Posted On: 04/12/18 10:11 PM

WCBA 2020 Wing Alex Nunnally: His ability to knock down the deep ball was clear, he doesn’t have picture perfect form but is very effective shooting the three and gets his shot off quickly. One thing that caught my attention about him is that he’s constantly moving and he has no hesitance about letting it fly.

WCBA 2020 Guard Henry Richardson: Clearly he is the leader of this team, he has the ball in his hands for a very high amount of the game and doesn’t turn it over very often. Due to the fact that he is the primary ballhandler, he faced all types of defensive pressure but found ways to still get his offense while at the same time distributing to others.

910 Vengeance 2020 Karree Smith: We have heard quite a bit about him over the high school season and he has some very nice and potential. The mixture of his athletic ability to go along with the length and height that he has makes him a player that catches your attention. If he continues to work and puts it all together he could develop into an intriguing prospect.

910 Vengeance 2020 Malachi Borders: Another player that has a nice game overall that can shoot the ball from deep and midrange, as of now we would classify him as a combo guard. His ability to knock down the deep ball but also run a team offensively is why we feel he can be a nice combo guard.

910 Vengeance 2020 Quincy Martin: Was one of the leading scorers for his team throughout the tournament, he rebounds the ball at a high rate and finished inside the paint. He has good height at 6’6 and although he is still raw he has a chance to be good if he continues to work hard.

WCBA 2020 Guard David Butners: Was solid throughout, he has a nice IQ for the game and is what we could a gifted passer. He made several plays that impressed us due to how easy he made the difficult pass look, gets after it on the defensive end of the floor as well.

WCBA 2020 Guard Tyler Gill: The leading overall scorer in their matchup with 910 Vengeance made the game look pretty easy, he got to where he wanted on the floor and showed his ability to knock down shots at a very high rate. His final scoring total was 24 points but the timeliness of the buckets he scored made it seem like he had even more points than his total.