Big Shots Raleigh- Glue Guys

North Carolina

Posted On: 04/18/18 8:57 PM

Team ENC 2019 Forward Dyquavis Wilkins: There is a lot to like about him, when you mix in his height, length and athletic ability, you have a nice overall looking prospect. This was our first time getting a chance to see him play but overall we liked what we saw and the upside that he brings, D2 programs already showing some interest.

Team ENC 2018 Forward Myron Williams: Although he will be making his college choice this week, he has decided to lace them up and compete at Big Shots in Raleigh. What he brought to the team this weekend was the same thing he brought all season long for Cape Fear HS and that is rebounding. He has a gift for always being near the ball when it comes off the rim and does a good job of finding a body to box out.

Team ENC 2019 Forward Jeremy Lewis: If there was any way to classify him as a player, I would call him an enforcer. Physical play seems to be how he likes to play the game and even though he isn’t the tallest player in the bunch he battles inside and does what his team needs him to do.

WBC Elite 2019 Forward Braylan Grice: Football is the sport that many know him by but he is a very productive player on the basketball court as well. He uses his strength to pull down rebounds as well as finishing through all types of contact, to see a player with his size and strength to be as agile as he is, is very impressive.

WBC Elite 2020 Guard Jahiem Marshall: His style of play catches your attention almost instantly, he has a game that is filled with substance but also has some flair which makes you enjoy watching him play. He has a gift for passing the ball and does a good job of making difficult passes look easy as well as finding teammates in the right spots.