Big Shots MB: Top 5 Performers

North Carolina

Posted On: 04/23/18 10:59 AM

Flight 22 2019 PG Talton Jones: It’s a shame that his recruitment hasn’t picked up more than it has at this point but once again he proved how good of a player he can be and why MM programs should be tracking while LM programs should be offering. His ability to break down a defense with a quick first step as well as finishing in traffic was on display and well as his tremendous passing ability.

910 Vengeance 2021 Guard Daymon Beckwith: The more that I’ve had the chance to see him play, the more I come away impressed with how good he can possibly be. He handles the ball well through traffic and has the ability to knock down the outside shot, to be as young as he is, you have to be impressed with how well he handles things.

Big Shots Elite 2020 Forward Nick Farrar: There is a lot to like about what he brings to the table, he’s a legit 6’7 with a solid frame and does a lot of good things on the court. He plays strong and understands how to use his height and strength to get where he wants on the floor, once he got inside the paint he finished at a very high level. Rebounding is another area where he was really productive, he snatched down boards at a high rate and does a good job of getting in proper position.

WBC Elite 2019 Forward Josh McKenney: His stellar play continued as he averaged over 20 PPG on day 1 using his high motor, strength, and athletic ability.  Every time there was a loose ball or a positive play to be made, he was somewhere around, he has what we would call a ”nose” for the ball, colleges should be tracking him without a doubt.

Team Felton 2021 Guard KJ Garrett: He’s playing up an age level but it doesn’t seem to bother him too much as he is playin the game at a high level even though quite a few of the players he was matched up with were taller than he was. One of the attributes that he showed that impressed coaches and media members was his passing ability, he made some difficult passes look easy and passes up on good shots of his own to get great shots from his teammates.