Big Shots MB: Class of 2020 Standouts Part 2

North Carolina

Posted On: 04/25/18 8:39 PM

Team Felton Desmond Evans: A multisport athlete that spends a nice amount of time on the football field, he is a player that is fully capable of being solid on the court.  Rebounding and blocking shots is where he really makes his mark, he uses his height and leaping ability to make plays above the rim.

Team Felton Taylor Bell: Led his team in scoring pretty much through the entire tournament, he scores the ball with ease and even though he has the ball in his hands a lot, he’s not what we would call a selfish player. Will be interesting to see how he rounds out overall as a prospect over the next year and some change.

NC Running Rebels Guard Brenon Rodgers: This young man showed he can flat out scored the ball this weekend, he had multiple 20+ point games including a 28 point game in a win over Flight 22. It didn’t matter if it was in the half court setting or in transition he can score the ball at a very high level, keep an eye on him.

NC Running Rebels Guard Brandon Williams: Another player to keep an eye on, he has a nice natural feel for the game and will only get better over time. Anytime you have a coach that has put multiple player in college, that recommends a kid to you , it would be wise to keep a close eye on him and that is the case with this young man. He said some solid games including some double figure scoring games to go along with some solid defensive showings.

Flight 22 Forward Kyron Kelly: He still is developing but overall you have to like the upside and potential he has, to be a player that’s 6’6 with athletic ability is something that you don’t see everywhere you go. The time he is getting on the court now as well as the direction he will receive from Coach Corbett at Terry Sanford will only help him to continue to get better.

Flight 22 Forward Demarcus McLaurin: Another player that we have seen before that has a ton of upside, he can rebound it at a very high level and is already solid body wise as only a sophomore. He can score the ball in multiple ways as well as rebounding and defending at a good rate, he has a chance to truly be special when he’s locked in.