Posted On: 04/23/18 11:04 AM

WBC Elite Guard Kamron Greene: The end to end speed he has is impressive, if you’re an opponent and you don’t get back on defense quickly , he will make you regret it. One thing that you really have to like about his game other than his speed is the ability to finish in traffic as well as his defensive intensity.

Flight 22 Wing Miles Ray: The athletic ability will grab your attention immediately, he makes plays on both end of the floor using his hops. Rebounding the ball, blocking shots, and finishing above the rim are all things that he does very well.

Flight 22 Forward Deumbre Ginyard: He brings a lot of the things that you want from a player on your squad, he works hard, doesn’t get concerned with points but instead does whatever it takes for his team to win. Many times he gets matched up with a player that is taller than him but he doesn’t allow that to bother him much, he uses his energy and effort to play well in the matchup.

CEBA Guard Michael Savarino: Has a nice overall game and a high IQ, after doing some deeper research I was informed that he is related to the one and only Coach K from Duke so it all makes sense. He shot the ball well, made some good reads and did a good job of allowing the game to come to him.

Big Shots Elite Guard Riley Adams: He spends a lot of time working on his game and it shows when he steps on the court. Although he still getting fully healthy from an ankle injury, he looked pretty healthy and got to the spot that he wanted on the court.

Big Shots Elite Forward Daniel Lobach: The more you see him play, the more there is to like about him, he can block shots, finish above the rim and runs the floor very well. College programs that are looking for a late 2018 pickup should give him a call as he can basically graduate early due to his high academic progress.

Big Shots Elite Wing Noah Dunn: His stock continues to rise and you don’t have to watch him very long to see why, he can play multiple positions and was one of the more productive players throughout the day. He showed his ability to score the ball from all over the floor and banged inside against bigs, one to keep an eye on.