Big Shots 2021 & 2022 Prospects That Proved Themselves!

North Carolina

Posted On: 04/10/18 7:54 PM

910 Vengeance 2021 Daymon Beckwith: In the game we watched them play he was one of the more impressive player that we saw, he scored the ball nicely and got into the gaps of the defense to make plays for others. What was more impressive was the fact that he was one of the younger players in the game, he’s one to surely keep an eye on.

WCBA 2021 Guard Khalil Marshall: We didn’t know that Khalil was going to be playing with this team but it was a pleasant surprise to see him on the floor. As usual he scored the ball at a nice rate and did a good job of picking his spots, another young man who has a chance to be very special.

Garner Road 2021 Guard Terence Harcum: Impressive showing from this young man but it doesn’t surprise us too much. Over the years from 7th grade on up we have seen him play at an outstanding level, he can score at a very high rate and gets better each time we see him play.

Garner Road 2021 Forward/Center William Felton: There is a lot to like about this young man beginning with his size, he’s only a freshman but is 6’7 with a shoe size that makes it seem like he is far from done growing wise. He understands what he does well and gives his team exactly that, rebounding the ball, blocking shots, running the floor, are all things that he does very well.  

WBC Elite Guard 2022 Jaden Pierce: When you realize that he’s just an 8th grader and he already he has tremendous end to end speed, you have to be impressed. He doesn’t back down from any challenge and seems like he loves to compete, has a nice amount of potential in him without a doubt.

WBC Elite Guard 2021 Brady Rankin: In the game we watched he showed a nice ability to score the ball from numerous areas on the floor. He has deep range on his shot, nice ball handling skills and finishes with his off hand, you can tell that he puts in a good amount of work during the off season on his game.

Carolina Legends 2022 Guard Jordan Vick: Had one of the better scoring performances throughout the event with a 27 point game against VA Havoc. He still is very young of course but we like the potential that we see in this youngster, keep an eye on him over the next few years as he continues to develop.