Better Than You: BMaze in Indy

North Carolina

Posted On: 04/27/18 9:17 PM

FISHERS, IN–BMaze Elite continues to enjoy their UA Association 17u debut.  On the northeastern edge of Indianapolis, BMaze implemented a 1-2-2 press, sped up the game, and generally tried to rattle the competition.

Step away from the singular, fleeting game results and admire the sterling attributes (marked with ♣ below) of each individual player.

Jaden Springer


Nobody jumps higher than the sophomore Jaden Springer.  He has every skill needed to become a professional in this country.  The intangibles that he possesses are just as remarkable.  Springer engages in the moment.  He embraces challenges.

The future for Springer is unimaginably lofty.

Ques Glover


Closing out the first half, Ques Glover (PrepHoopsTN #37 in 2019) broke his man down twice.  The first ended in a lovely long range jumper.  His second feet-confuser found the net’s bottom too.  Glover takes and makes big shots. His height is the first mark against him, but the skills and bravery with the basketball set him apart from fellow guards.

Glover has the mindset for a go-to scorer.  His height will force him to a lead guard role at his eventual D1 home.

Drew Pember


Knoxville Bearden’s forward Drew Pember (PrepHoopsTN #17) held his own against the mighty Memphis East squad in March.  Though Bearden lost, Pember accounted for himself well.

The tool of shooting range accompanies this surging prospect.  Pember draws his man away from the basket by knocking down open jumpers.  His future looks so bright because he just doesn’t miss.

Pember needs to gain weight.  He has some mental toughness, but the lack of physical girth prevents him from clattering into opponents with authority.  It could take a year(s) to get to where he needs to be physically, but his length provides a wonderful frame.