Best Players I Saw on Friday Night


Posted On: 04/7/18 12:59 AM

This is a list of the best players that PrepHoop’s  Zach Cobler saw on Friday night at the PrepHoops Route 66 Kickoff.

Kenny Springs 2018 Cougars Guard 

Springs took over his game tonight. He looked sharp playing with confidence and swagger. He hit multiple pull-up three’s tonight over the Honey Badgers. He showed off some impressive handles as he blew past defenders to get to the bucker. He is an athletic guard from the 2018 Class that is still unsigned. Small Colleges should keep an eye on Springs.

Andy Lizardo 2019 Honey Badgers Guard

Lizardo had a good game for the Honey Badgers. He shot the ball well throughout the game. He showed the ability to find his open teammates and played probably the best for the Honey Badgers. Lizardo looked comfortable in and around the lane as he was able to hit shots over bigger opponents as well.

Unjel Masters 2020 Dallas Showtyme Guard

Masters was the man for Dallas Showtyme. He shot the ball well throughout their game and showed a swagger about himself. He had good handles and the confidence to hit shots from a long way out. He has solid range from beyond the arc. Masters played with a lot of heart throughout the entire game.

Conner Calavan 2020 Tulsa Hawks Guard

Calavan is a shooter. If Calavan is left open anywhere inside of 25 feet he is more than likely going to knock down the shot. He shot the ball with a lot of confidence and it was warranted as his shots continued to fall throughout the night. Calavan is also a pest on defense. He makes the other team work for every bucket they get and annoys the opposition.

Hale 2020 Tulsa Hawks Point Guard

Hale was impressive for the Tulsa Hawks. He is a pass first Point Guard who is all about finding the open man. He finds the open man with good passes which sets them up for a good shot. Hale also has good handles as he is a player who can create his own space by using his handles. Although he is a pass first type of Point Guard does not mean he cannot hit the shot when it is presented to him. He can knock down shots consistently if he is left open.

Braden Haddock 2020 Tulsa Hawks Post

Haddock does what the Tulsa Hawks need him to do. He is the Hawks big man and did the dirty work for them. He pulled down rebounds throughout the night. After grabbing rebounds Haddock’s distribution is solid. He finds the open man and gets his team running with the ball. He was strong with the ball and attacked the basket well absorbing contact and finishing at the rim.

Larry Holley 2020 Dallas Showtyme

Holley showed a clutch factor to his game as he hit big shots late in the game as his team trailed. He had the confidence to put a move on his defender and pull up and knock down the shot in the defender’s face. He handled the ball well and was able to get separation in order to get his shot off. He shot the ball well from the perimeter and never gave up as he played hard till the final whistle.

Devin White 2021 Amarillo Bulldawgz Guard

White is an unselfish player who is all about making his teammates better. He has good vision and the ability to find the open shooter. He can thread the needle on some impressive passes to help his teammates score easy buckets. White is a tough defender to face as he forces a lot of turnovers throughout the game with his active hands that are always trying to get a steal.