Best Defenders from the Southern Brawl


Posted On: 04/23/18 1:36 PM

The Southern Brawl featured multiple talented defenders this weekend in OKC.

Christian Williams 2019 Arkansas Team Will Point Guard

Williams moves his feet really well on defense using his quickness to stick with his man. He was one of the better on-ball defenders in the tournament this weekend. He projects to the small college level.

Ontario Bingley 2019 Marcus Denmon Select 

Bingley is a scrappy Guard that exploited the passing lanes leading to easy transition buckets. He plays very unselfish on both ends of the floor giving everything he has for his team. The bought in mentality he plays with 

Jadis Smith 2019 Arkansas Team Will Wing 

Smith was excellent this weekend on the defensive end for Arkansas Team Will. The build of Smith at 6’4 with a strong and athletic frame set him up for success. The motor he has is what takes his skills over the top. He was constantly making plays blocking and adjusting shots. 

Moun’Tae Edmundson 2019 Game Changer Hoops Point Guard

Edmundson brings the fire on defense that coaches love to coach. The non-stop pressure he puts on the man he is guarding wares down on the offense. He was able to force turnovers and play good on-ball defense keeping his man in front of him with his quickness. 

D’Auntray Pierce 2018 Colorado Hawks USS Post

Pierce was a shot blocking machine on the low block. He is not the strongest but uses his great height and length to swat shots. Pierce is a prospect with a lot of upside when you look at his skill set. If he gets to the right JUCO program he could turn into a NCAA Division I player. 

Tomas Herrera 2020 Rockets 918 Point Guard

Herrera exploited the passing lanes big time leading to easy buckets on the fast break. Herrera also finished extremely well in the paint even in traffic. He projects to the small college level.


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