Posted On: 04/16/18 9:35 PM

Adam Flagler (Duluth)-

Widely considered as one of the best pure scorers in the state, many are surprised that Flagler is still unsigned. Everything comes easy to him on the offensive end and he can heat up in a hurry. Flagler is effective on or off the ball, takes whatever the defense gives him, and is not selfish either. He recently had an in-home visit with Presbyterian and will be playing with the Smyrna Stars in the April live periods. I remain firm in my belief that someone will get a steal in Flagler.

Nick Edwards (Grayson)- 

Edwards is a unique offensive prospect that wows people with the shots he makes. He connects on awkward, unorthodox floaters and mid-range attempts, and makes it look easy. He is very shifty with ball, getting himself into the paint often and creating. Edwards can be streaky from deep, is a pesky defender, and has solid athleticism as well. He is one that has flown under the radar but should not be forgotten about.

DJ Murray (Pebblebrook)-

Another great Pebblebrook guard, Murray had a nice season for the Falcons. Murray brings energy to each game that sets a great example for his teammates and results in production for himself. Murray always takes pride in his defense and won’t back down from a challenge on that end. Offensively, he is quick with the ball and makes good decisions, while also being an excellent outside shooter. He is one of those guys who you love to watch play because of his fearlessness and motor.

Dalvin White (Norcross)-

White is a guy who is all about the team. He accepted his roles on loaded Norcross squads all 4 years of his HS career and has won more than anyone. White just knows how to run a team and is capable of contributing in any area he is asked to. He is skilled, smart, and you notice his passion and leadership in every game. He should end up being a quality pickup for a low-major program.

Myreon Jones (Lincoln Academy)-

After recently decommitting from Memphis after their coaching change, Jones has been a popular name among mid-majors. He is just what you look for in a Divison 1 PG today. He has good size, an aggressive mentality, and gets other involved. Jones has a no-nonsense approach and toughness that too many prospects don’t possess. His well-rounded game will continue to attract attention from numerous programs.