Adidas Gold Gauntlet: 2021 Forwards


Posted On: 04/25/18 1:00 PM

The first live period is over and now comes the notes. We are searching through our book and seeing who stood out and made a name for themselves.  Here is our evaluations from Adidas Gauntlet Gold this past weekend. These are our notes from the best 2021’s from what we saw.

Riley Mahlman – 6’9 / C / 2021 / Lakeville South (MN) / DI Minnesota 2021

Riley is a big, bruising post player with a great, strong frame that should dominate for a while.  He’s really good with his footwork and was able to run pick-n-roll’s really well as he’s also fairly agile for a player his size.  Really quick as well getting up and down the floor. He’s got a solid release on his jumper and while he isn’t going to be a stretch forward, he does have the shooting mechanics down well.

Kaleb Applebey – 6’7 / C / 2021 / Mount Carmel (IL) / EG10 2021

Applebey is a big, strong post player with decent mobility and can be a good rebounder in space. He moves better than you would think and can track the ball pretty well. Needs to play a little tougher in the post on offense but has enough skill right now to put up quite a few points as he’s physically overpowering. Defensively, he’s pretty solid with true posts but will need to learn to defend quicker forwards. Overall, solid post prospect at his stage.

Blake Sisley – 6’8 / PF / 2021 / Heritage Hills (IN) / EG10 2021

Sisley is a tall forward who has gotten better since we first saw him. Really mobile and much better as an attacking forward off the bounce. Can play in the post and score but needs to get a little tougher to finish through contact.  However, he can step out and shoot and add that other dimension to his game.  Game wasn’t as good as we have seen but still really good, which tells you a lot about how good he could become.

D.J. Hughes Jr. – 6’7 / PF / 2021 / Lawrence North (IN) / Indiana Elite 2021

Hughes was really good this weekend, showing off more athleticism and letting it impact his game more than before.  He’s really good at finishing at the rim because of it and he’s strong enough that no one at this age level are going to be able to stop him. His agility looks better and he’s able to move from 10’ out and make plays with some ball handling. Will eventually spread his game out to the perimeter but good to see him sticking to success and slowly building out.

Kyle Ross – 6’7 / PF / 2021 / Andrean (IN) / Indiana Elite 2021

Ross is a big, tough post player who looked pretty good this weekend. He’s a really adept rebounder and can get anything in or just outside of his area. Isn’t super quick but good footwork and strong hands help.  He’s shown he can step out and shoot a little bit which will get better down the road.  His ability to impact down in the paint is really big for him and should provide consistency early on.

Curt Hopf – 6’7 / PF / 2021 / Forest Park (IN) / Indiana Elite 2021

Hopf is a lean forward who looks to have put on some strength since last fall.  He’s such a great producer every time he steps on the floor. Doesn’t necessarily look like a high-end talent but produces like one. Will need to see if he spreads the floor as a shooter down the road but his face-up ability in the mid-range, he proved he’s a capable scorer again this weekend. Able to take the ball and make a little floater, drives to either side of the rim, and finishes through contact.

Langdon Hatton – 6’8 / PF / 2021 / North Harrison (IN) / Indiana Elite 2021

Hatton is a growing forward who might take a little longer to develop. Mainly the time needed is because he seems to be growing so quickly. He’s easily 6’8 now and moving pretty well but still trying to get comfortable with his body. Still shows the ability to play on the perimeter but needs the strength to play in the post more right now.  No worries with him right now, will just be interesting to see how much longer he keeps growing and how tall he will get.

Trey Kaufman – 6’6 / PF / 2021 / Silver Creek (IN) / Louisville Magic 2021

Kaufman is a growing forward with a diverse skill set.  He’s really mobile but also pretty strong and can step out and shoot in the mid-range and beyond.  He’s a solid rebounder and is really active at times, causing problems with opposing defenders.  He’s still growing and he looks like he could get to 6’8+ and with his skill set being built more as a stretch forward, he could really rise up the charts.