Posted On: 04/20/18 10:08 AM

The Adidas Gauntlet will be taking place in Washington D.C with both the Gold and Silver teams set to do battle. There is a high amount of NC teams that will be participating and we will take a look at some of them, but also a few players who college coaches should keep an eye on.

Team Wall: They may have played the most intense schedule so far going up against just about every sneaker team in the state. They knocked off Team Charlotte and Team Felton while coming up short against Team CP3 , the only teams they haven’t played are Adidas teams which makes sense but we are looking forward to seeing this squad perform.

Garner Road: Anybody that has been around basketball in the state already knows the tradition that comes with this program. On a yearly basis they have multiple players that go and play on the D1 level so they are always a squad to watch closely. Their 16U squad has a group that should be followed as well being led by Guard Djimon Bailey and Forward Dayron Sharpe.

Team Loaded NC: Whenever you have a team with Jalen Cone, Isaiah Todd, Travion McCray and others, you can expect them to do damage as well as having a high amount of coaches following them. That’s the case for the squad this year and we feel that they have a chance to do some big time work this weekend as they already have meshed fairly well.

Team ENC (Silver): Without a doubt, they are one of the hardest playing teams that we got to see over the last few months. They have a roster with plenty of talent that can play on various levels in college and will be a team that will surprise quite a few.

Juice All-Stars (Silver): Coach Black always has a nice group of talent and we got the chance to see their 16 and 17s playing at Big Shots in Raleigh two weeks back. Their guard play for the 17U squad will be key in their success, the 16U squad has a very nice amount of size and should do well.