Posted On: 04/24/18 2:13 PM

The first live period is over and now comes the notes. We are searching through our book and seeing who stood out and made a name for themselves.  Here is our evaluations from Adidas Gauntlet Silver this past weekend. These are our notes from the best wings from what we saw.

Jim King – 6’6 / PF / 2019 / Troy Buchanan (MO) / Gateway 2019

King is a thin forward who tons of mobility and good enough to play a ton on the perimeter. Was adept at getting into the middle of the floor to block some shots as well.  He’s really aggressive and has some decent athleticism. Was trying to finish strong above the rim a few times.  Will need to see if he can shoot it but the little bit we saw was really impressive. Needs to add quite a bit of strength but he plays so strong that he makes up for most of it.

Jesse Bingham – 6’5 / SF / 2019 / Warren Central (IN) / Indiana Elite Fastbreak 2019

Bingham is a big wing who had a solid weekend. His jumper from deep was a bit off but the mid-range was working for him. He showed a little bit of his athleticism and some solid defense. Will need to show the range a little more with consistency but for as high academic of a kid as he is, he has so many tools to love.  If he puts that range in at some point this summer, he’s going to take off.

Dustin Hudak – 6’3 / SG / 2019 / Lowell (IN) / Indiana GAME 2019

Hudak is a thin guard with some size and length.  He’s got some handles and moves and plays more like a guard than he has in the past. He’s going to need a little work on his jumper as the release is a bit off but he’s on the right track with his development. Looks much more like a prospect than a year ago.

Nathan Aerts – 6’5 / SF / 2019 / Valparaiso (IN) / Indiana GAME 2019

Aerts is a growing forward that has really improved in the last year. He’s grown a bit and filled out the frame but at the same time, looks so much more comfortable with his perimeter game and showed he could shoot the ball well.  His handles are good enough now that he’s able to pull-up well and hit from deep or mid-range. Interesting player that is still figuring out what he will be at the next level.

Jake Wadding – 6’4 / SF / 2020 / Chesterton (IN) / Indiana GAME 2019

Wadding is a big guard/wing that showed an improved aggressiveness and athleticism. He was making plays all over the floor and when he got the ball in the middle of the floor, he was really creative and scored in a variety of ways.  He was able to finish above the rim too.  Will need to show that he can shoot the ball and a better rate and make it more of his game but that creativeness and scoring ability is something that most don’t have.

Alec Pfriem – 6’5 / SF / 2019 / Moeller (OH) / KY Royals 2019

Pfriem is a big wing who is built and ready to go for the next level. Good shooter and loves to get in a rhythm and rip off a ton of shots quickly. Tough to defend because of his size and build and speed he plays with, loves to play quick.  Really high IQ player who showed some passing ability.  Could fall in a wide range of levels because of the wide variety of roles he fits.

David Johnson – 6’5 / SF / 2019 / Louisville Trinity (KY) / The Ville 2019

Johnson is a big wing with tons of size and athleticism. While really big for a wing, he’s able to elevate easily and finish strong at the rim and with some explosiveness. Moves really well for his size and has enough handles to create. Has slowed down a step in the last year but still pretty quick and does well as a slasher towards his right hand.  Has a chance to be special with a little more work on the frame and balanced shooting.

Nick Otto – 6’4 / SF / Xavier (WI) / Wisconsin Crusaders 2019

Otto is a big wing shooter with a ton of skill. 6’4 and built with a big lower half where he could become a good post-up guy at the next level.  Really good rhythm shooter and enough length to make him tough to defend. Solid handles and showed he could create for himself along the perimeter.  Really mobile for his size as well and could be able to switch 2-4.

Jack Monis – 6’5 / SF / Lakeside Lutheran (WI) / Wisconsin Crusaders 2019

Monis is a tall wing with a great frame and tons of strength.  Really mobile and plenty capable to play on the wing with solid ball handling.  Really solid interior scorer as he’s agile and athletic enough to move around bigs. He’s a good ball handler but developing in regards to drive all the way from the wing.  High-Academic wing could play a number of spots on the floor at the small school level. Will need to improve his jumping ability and handles but upside is still left.