Adidas Gauntlet Silver Midwest: Guards


Posted On: 04/25/18 12:11 PM

The first live period is over and now comes the notes. We are searching through our book and seeing who stood out and made a name for themselves.  Here is our evaluations from Adidas Gauntlet Silver this past weekend. These are our notes from the best guards from what we saw.

Ernest Bellinger Jr. – 6’4 / SG / 2019 / Fort Zumwalt South (MO) / Gateway 2019

Bellinger is a really long, lean guard with tons of strength and ball handling ability. He’s really good using his length, attacking closeouts, rebounding, and defending ball handling. He’s quick enough and tall enough to switch 1-3 with ease and should be able to handle the ball pretty well on the other end.  He’s got to show more of a perimeter jumper but really nice prospect right now.

Zane Gross – 6’2 / SG / 2019 / Silver Creek (IN) / Indiana Elite Central 2019

Gross has really steadied his game over the last year. He’s much more consistent with his scoring and shooting ability and has been really productive throughout the high school and AAU season so far.  His jumper looks really solid right now and he’s done well in his ability to create shots too.  Ball handling is improved and he’s done well cleaning up all the little things in his game.

Shawn Beeler – 5’10 / PG / 2019 / Warren Central (IN) / Indiana Elite Central 2019

Beeler is a smaller guard with tons of quickness and handles to make plays. He plays uptempo and it really shows when he’s in the half court and looks to drive. He’s adept at creating space with his handles and getting his shot off. Is a little too passive at times and could stand to take a few more shots but offense is secondary to his leadership ability.  He does all the things you want from a lead guard, doesn’t turn the ball over, creates pace and space, and can shoot it a little bit as well.

Wendell DeMyers – 6’4 / SG / 2019 / Traders Point (IN) / Indiana Elite Fastbreak 2019

Best we have seen from DeMyers. The 6’4 guard continues to show that he can play on the ball and he’s starting to put more and more plays together over the course of a game. His athleticism was on display as he was able to finish above the rim a few times. He’s also got a really nice hop-back jumper. The ball handling is what makes him special. He’s really got a chance to become a stellar prospect, just needs to put full games together and take it over more. Right there, though.

Jevon Morris – 6’1 / PG / 2019 / Munster (IN) / Indiana GAME 2019

Morris is a taller guard whose grown and has a little more length to him. Should be able to stick on the point with solid ball handling ability and really good ability to slash into the lane, he’s just missing more offense right now. Can shoot and can drive but needs a little more strength and just to show the jumper a little more. However, the size and frame should develop into a fun point guard with some solid defensive abilities and driving ability.

Maurion Martin – 6’2 / PG / 2019 / Portage (IN) / Indiana GAME 2019

Martin is a big guard with quite a bit of game to him. Really strong and quick with the ball in his hands. Will need to find a little more offense in his game but has a ton of tools for a guard I think that can stay on the ball. His ability to attack the rim with strength is really good and he’s going to be able to pull that out whenever.