Adidas Gauntlet: 2020 Wings


Posted On: 04/26/18 2:25 PM

The first live period is over and now comes the notes. We are searching through our book and seeing who stood out and made a name for themselves.  Here is our evaluations from Adidas Gauntlet Gold this past weekend. These are our notes from the best 2020’s from what we saw.

Tony Perkins – 6’4 / SG / 2020 / Lawrence North (IN) / EG10 2020

Perkins is really as consistent as they come. He’s a big guard with solid handles and scoring ability and this weekend he did what he does pretty much every game, have 10-15 points, 3-5 rebounds, and dish out a few assists. That consistency, independent of level of play, has been really impressive. He’s got enough size and skill to be a DI talent and eventually, his game could take off with that level.

Jylen Petty – 6’6 / SF / 2020 / South Bend Washington (IN) / EG10 2020

Petty is a big wing who has grown and become a little more thin but has added a ton of length. He’s going to need to bulk up but that will come with time. He’s still a bit raw on the skill side of things but he plays well in the post. Showed a solid right-hand post finish and was willing to create contact.  Needs more time to develop but the upside keeps growing.

Tre Coleman – 6’5 / SF / 2020 / Jeffersonville (IN) / Indiana Elite 2020 

Coleman has really developed physically in the last year. He’s added another inch or so and bulked up quite a bit.  He’s a really good ball handler and can make plays on the wing and in the paint. Will need to find his spots a bit more on a crowded roster but the skill is still evident. His rebounding ability and toughness have taken a step forward and he will be able to show that every game.

Anthony Leal – 6’5 / SG / 2020 / Bloomington South (IN) / Indiana Elite 2020

Leal has grown a bit in the last year and now is a legit 6’4+ and his athleticism has improved quite a bit. While a tremendous shooter, Leal has really been finding more ways to impact the game and the transition game is a big part of that. He’s handling the ball more and using his body to finish at the rim. He’s taken a little bit of a step forward in his defending ability too, mainly with cutting off passing lanes. Big strides for him.

D’Andre Davis – 6’4 / SG / 2020 / Lawrence Central (IN) / Indiana Elite 2020

Davis is a tall guard that has done really well with his game in the last year. He’s grown in size and skill, showcasing his shooting ability. He showed this weekend that he can get pretty much any shot off clean that he wants. Will need a little bit more success but the skill is there. He’s also doing more on the boards and with his defensive ability. His length and lateral quickness are starting to play more now.