Adidas Gauntlet: 2020 Guards


Posted On: 04/26/18 2:27 PM

The first live period is over and now comes the notes. We are searching through our book and seeing who stood out and made a name for themselves.  Here is our evaluations from Adidas Gauntlet Gold this past weekend. These are our notes from the best 2020’s from what we saw.

Brayton Bailey – 6’2 / SG / 2020 / Bedford North Lawrence (IN) / EG10 2019

Bailey is a solid scoring guard who has a high level IQ for the game. He’s playing up a year and his offense is taking a step back in overall production but he is consistently the smartest player on the court. He’s really adept at dribbling with a purpose and does really well setting up his teammates for open shots. Not likely a point guard at the level he ends up at but should provide a lot of creativity and options with his ability.

Rickie Wedlow – 6’1 / PG / 2020 / Richmond (IN) / EG10 2020

Rickie is a tall guard who has some quickness and his shot is improving. He’s grown a little taller and stronger in the last year and he was attacking the rim more this weekend. He’s a little more suited now to finish at the rim with his body and did well in the times he went for it. Will need to see him continue to add that but it’s a little more developed and helping to balance out his game.

Mark Wise – 6’3 / PG / 2020 / Deer Park (OH) / EG10 2020

Wise is a big, stocky guard with lots of strength and good idea for scoring the ball. Plays with speed and can deal with contact, initiates it most of the time. Decent perimeter shooter and drives the ball well to the rim. Not sure he’s a for sure lead guard but he has the ability to be a combo at the next level.  Solid guard prospect to track this summer.

Nijel Pack – 6’0 / PG / 2020 / Lawrence Central (IN) / Indiana Elite 2020

Pack has grown in the last year and is a legit 6’0 and built so strong. Wide shoulders with a little bit of length and he’s attacking the rim more, now than ever. He shot the ball at a high level this weekend and was really difficult to slow down when he got hot. Perfect point guard for the game right now and has the motor to make plays with pace.

Trey Galloway – 6’4 / SG / 2020 / Culver Academies (IN) / Indiana Elite 2020

Galloway is a tall guard who has done nothing but showcase all of his skills. He’s a near elite shooter at this stage and can hit at all three levels. He’s tall already but when he looks to shoot, he rises up and shoots tall, making him very difficult to defend even for long wings.  He’s got a great motor and loves to attack the rim on the right side, finishing with strength and encouraging contact.

Bradley Beemon – 6’0 / PG / 2020 / Hamilton Southeastern (IN) / Louisville Magic 2020

Beemon is a thin, smaller guard who has been solid as an on-ball guard. Still growing, and should grow quite a bit, but lacks the strength right now to impact as much as he wants. He’s assertive and active on both ends but just needs more time to develop. His ball handling and IQ seem solid and should stay on the ball. As the strength comes, the dribble-drive game should develop more and give him more options for offense.