Posted On: 04/26/18 2:24 PM

The first live period is over and now comes the notes. We are searching through our book and seeing who stood out and made a name for themselves.  Here is our evaluations from Adidas Gauntlet Gold this past weekend. These are our notes from the best 2020’s from what we saw.

Dawson Garcia – 6’10 / PF / 2020 / Prior Lake (MN) / DI Minnesota 2020

Garcia is a tall lefty forward that can play all over the floor.  He’s a solid face-up forward that is really aggressive and loves to create contact.  Really assertive as well when he gets the ball in the post. While he will need to add strength, that assertiveness, mixed with his length is going to cause defenders problems in the post.  More of a post forward that will step out down the line.

Ben Carlson – 6’9 / PF / 2020 / East Ridge (MN) / DI Minnesota 2020

Carlson is a tall forward with a really diverse game. Good frame and mobility and he’s a really solid perimeter shooter for his size. Good form and release on his jumper and at 6’9 and with some length he’s tough to defend.  What makes him special is his ability to create in the post. He’s got good handles and he’s so agile that he can get off any shot he wants.  Smaller defenders don’t phase him and he’s too quick for big posts.  Should be high-end talent in the class.

Charlie Peterson – 6’8 / PF / 2020 / North Central (IN) / EG10 2020

Peterson is a tall forward who has grown a bit in the last year. Solid 6’8 now and the frame is stellar with good strength and should add quite a bit more. He’s pretty mobile and can play on the wing and while he didn’t really shoot this past weekend, he has done so in the past. Really good stretch forward prospect with some upside as he finds more ways to impact the game.

Julien Hunter – 6’4 / PF / 2020 / New Albany (IN) / EG10 2020

Hunter is an undersized forward who looked pretty good this weekend. His athleticism showed through and he was pretty good around the rim. Had some solid bounce to him and used it effectively to rebound and finish.  Will really need to spread his game out to the perimeter more as he’s a bit small for a post player. However, what he does in the post is pretty good at the right level.

Dillon Ware – 6’6 / PF / 2020 / Danville (IN) / EG10 2020

Ware is a thin forward who did well this weekend as a faced-up interior forward. He’s really active and likes to create contact. Was crashing the boards and did well creating offense off of it. He’s pretty athletic and mobile and can play away from the rim, just doesn’t have the consistent jumper yet to take advantage of it. However, he can draw the defense away as his ball handling is at a point where he can drive from 15’+.

Nick Hittle – 6’9 / C / 2020 / Culver Academies (IN) / Indiana Elite 2020

Hittle is a big, thick post player who can step out and shoot.  Will need to tone the frame up but he does move well for his size. When he can get a head of steam, he can really be powerful in the paint and finish through contact.  If that mobility improves, the agility and foot speed can play up a bit more.

Mabor Majak – 7’1 / C / 2020 / Hamilton Southeastern (IN) / Indiana Elite 2020

Mabor is a elite level post player whose continuing to get more and more comfortable with the game. He’s really advanced as a post defender and shot blocker.  His hands are slowly improving and his ability to grab rebounds is getting better. IQ seems to be getting better as he’s making safer plays with the ball. Also came away impressed with his ball handling, nothing that is going to be exceptional but could lead to easier scoring chances in the post down the road.

Micah Johnson – 6’7 / PF / 2020 / Ankeny Centennial (IA) / Iowa Barnstormers 2020

Micah is a tall stretch forward with some solid length and shooting ability. He’s really a nice prospect as he’s developing his ability to step out and shoot. Looks better than a year prior and while the frame has grown, he will need to add more strength. He’s fairly mobile and can switch well on 3-5 with decent length and lateral quickness. Still a little raw in skill and frame but coming along.

Zach Loveday – 7’0 / C / 2020 / Gallia Academy (OH) / Louisville Magic 2020

Loveday is a really tall post player with good agility and some athleticism.  He’s extremely skilled for his size and can finish well at the rim and even step out and shoot. Was a little passive when we watched him but was still impacting on the defensive end.  Has a bit of toughness and willingness to by physical just needs a little more strength to take that to another level. Near elite level talent.

Jackson Ames – 6’10 / C / 2020 / West Clermont (OH) / Louisville Magic 2020

Ames is a big, tough post player who has grown and filled out the frame well in the last year.  He’s really adept in the post as a finisher at the rim as he can use his strength a lot.  His footwork is solid, not going to be really quick but in small spaces he’s quick enough and a bit overpowering when he wants to be.  Agile as well and can contort his frame to finish around the rim.  Want to see his rebounding a bit more but overall, improved a ton since last year.