Adidas Gauntlet: 2019 Guards


Posted On: 04/27/18 12:10 PM

The first live period is over and now comes the notes. We are searching through our book and seeing who stood out and made a name for themselves.  Here is our evaluations from Adidas Gauntlet Gold this past weekend. These are our notes from the best guards from what we saw.

Noah Smith – 6’2 / PG / 2019 / Hamilton Southeastern (IN) / EG10 2019

Smith is a long guard who is still trying to put it all together. Defensively, he’s among the best you will see in the state and he has improved in his ability to get to the rim in the last year. Was a lot more efficient during the high school season but wasn’t as crisp this weekend. However, you have seen him work on different ways to score on offense and he is getting more well rounded. Hopefully by the end of the summer he’s put it all together.

Isiah Moore – 5’10 / PG / 2019 / Warren Central (IN) / EG10 2019

Moore is a smaller guard with a quick trigger and was solid at times this weekend. Played well on the ball against some pressure.  He’s a little on the small side for a guard but the offense he possesses is huge. Didn’t get to really go off this weekend but was fairly consistent especially shooting the three, going 13-28 through the weekend.  Will be a fit at whatever level he goes but that dominant shooting should continue to be coveted.

Korbin Spencer – 6’2 / PG / 2019 / Hargrave Military (VA) / Indiana Elite 2019

Korbin is a big guard with solid handles and lacks mistakes. Very good with the ball in his hands and is a solid passer. Isn’t a big offensive weapon but has shown the ability to shoot the ball and plays really well in transition as a guy who can set the table. HIs big frame helps when he does look to drive and as well on defense where he can be physical and defend all guard spots.

Alex Hemenway – 6’3 / PG / 2019 / Castle (IN) / Indiana Elite 2019

Hemenway is a long guard with good size and continues to show improved handles.  He’s gotten a bit better in that regard and has pretty much solidified his ability to play on the ball at the next level. His perimeter jumper looked good this weekend and really did well scoring the ball in general.  In an up-paced offense like IE was this weekend, he’s really good at finding his teammates and distributing. Like the ball between distributor and scorer.

Tyrese Nickelson – 6’1 / PG / 2019 / Waterloo East (IA) / Iowa Barnstormers 2019

Nickelson is a tall guard with quick handles in transition and has a good knack for setting the table.  Passes the ball well and has good vision.  Can shoot the ball a bit and has a quick release on his jumper and does so in rhythm.  Decent with his ability to drive to the rim but much more of a set-up guard than scorer.  Size and length is solid enough to allow him to defend his spot along with some off-guards at the next level.

Greg Tribble – 6’2 / PG / 2019 / Winton Woods (OH) / OBC 2019

Tribble is a big, stocky guard with tons of pace, strength, toughness are always on display. He’s among the toughest guards you are going to watch and he leads his team well with that mentality.  Jumper is the thing he needs to improve but he does just about everything else really well. Drives strong at the rim and always finishes through contact or at worst gets to the line. He also a stellar rebounding guard and will go hard at 50/50 balls.

Jaylin Hunter – 6’0 / PG / 2019 / Creighton Prep (NE) / OSA Crusaders 2019

Hunter is a smaller, compact guard with good strength and pace to his game. He’s a solid shooter at times and is a little streaky. He is a really high-end distributor and his vision and passing are really good.  He’s a little more of a pace-setter and does well to create space for his teammates to give them looks.  Can be pretty solid as a shooting lead guard with high assist totals.

Jace Piatkowski – 6’4 / SG / 2019 / Elkhart South (NE) / OSA Crusaders 2019

Jace is a tall wing with good shooting ability and a lean frame. Built more for the perimeter but did show the ability to be an opportunistic rebounder.  Will need to show more as an offensive weapon as his shot is solid, just not a guy who is going to drive to the rim much.  If he can improve the ball handling to get better looks in the middle of the floor, that would help a bit. Good wing shooter with some upside still to tap in to.