Adidas DC Scoring Leaders


Posted On: 04/25/18 8:54 AM

This past weekend, the Adidas Gauntlet series got under way with one of it’s first regional stops being, Washington D.C. Here, we take a look at the scoring leaders of this past weekend.

Quincy Guerrier | Brookwood Elite 17s | 2019 – 26.8PPG
Quincy Guerrier led all players in scoring this weekend in D.C. averaging 26.8PPG over a 4 game stretch, despite his Brookwood Elite squad going 0-4. Guerrier might be the most slept on player the Gauntlet has to offer this season. The 6’7 small forward does whatever is needed of him to get a win, and despite the losses this weekend, showed why he is a team leader, and with the culture of winning Guerrier is accustomed to at Thetford Academy, things should be on the up and coming for his Brookwood Elite squad.

Day’ron Sharpe | Garner Road 16s | 2020 – 24PPG
Day’ron Sharpe, the 6’9 sophomore, who going into this weekend, did not have much buzz, has instantly made himself a name to look out for this AAU season, averaging 24 points a game, and leading his Garner Road squad to a 3-1 record, after dropping their only game on Friday night.  Sharpe has the ability to get to the basket whenever, and however he needs too, as well as the ability to shoot the jumper, making him practically unstoppable.

Kipplyn Richvine | NY Jayhawks 15s | 2021 – 24PPG 
Leading the 15s in scoring, was 2021 PG, Kipplyn Richvine. Richvine’s NY Jayhawks went 2-2 this past weekend. The 6’1 Richvine, who can play either guard position, is beginning to hear his name rise in stock, with an impressive freshman season for South Shore High School in Brooklyn. With more experience under his resume in Atlanta this upcoming weekend, and with other Guantlet stops on the way, Richvine should become a household name by the end of the summer.

Daylen Berry | Garner Road 15s | 2021 – 20PPG
Another 15s star emerged this weekend in Garner Road’s, Daylen Berry. Despite not getting there first win until Sunday morning, the Garner Road squad lost 3 close games against some elite opponents, and only lost by an average of 4PPG. With his size and athleticism, it will be interesting to watch Berry continue to develop over this Gauntlet series.

Jaelyn Withers | Team Loaded NC 17s | 2019 – 16.7PPG
6’7 Team Loaded NC, SF, Jaelyn Withers shot an impressive, 63% from the field, leading his squad to a 3-1 record this weekend, averaging 16.7 points per game. Seeing his recruitment began to pick up after his junior season, and being the holder of many ACC offers, Withers put on a show this weekend.