AAU Program Preview: Tennessee Edge


Posted On: 04/14/18 8:24 PM

Tennessee Edge 16u Head Coach Tony Thompson accumulated a strong team this spring.   Expectations should be high if the team stays united and focused.

The Roster:  The Tennessee Edge program is founded on toughness, both physical and mental toughness.  Coach Tony is still working to inspire that elite toughness in his 16u team.  They are having fun playing the sport they love, but dead patches do exist. Coach Thompson intends to add a few more players in the next few days and he needs the depth.  He played with 7-8 guys this weekend and great teams will challenge you when shorthanded.

Coach Tony brings two players from West Creek High School (Kamari Coffey, Jayheim McDonald).  Jayheim is a freshman and will graduate with the Class of 2021.  Kamari Coffey is an exciting wing guard in the Class of 2020.

From Cane Ridge High School the Tennessee Edge recruited Nigel Turner, Tony Thompson Jr., and Kariee Price.

Guard Josh Edmonson gives the team one Lighthouse Christian player.  Franklin Daniels is a 2020 player from Stewarts Creek High.

With the talents and size on Coach Tony’s roster his 16u team should fight to reach semifinals every weekend.

Recruiting:  None of the sophomores have college looks just yet.  Typically only a couple dozen players nationally enter their 16u season with college offers.  While 17u gets the limelight from media and college coaches some extremely tall or talented players stick out.

Because they have unique size and some potential two forwards from Tennessee Edge 16u could get college looks in the coming months.  More on them later.

Playing Style: Coach Tony Thompson loves to teach bigs solid post techniques.  He doesn’t see a lot of big man training at the high school level, but intends to implement it with Tennessee Edge.

Coach Tony described his team in a video interview.

New AdditionsAshenefe Desta (Antioch) adds true length to the roster.  Lanky and growing, Desta brings the Edge something unique.  Few AAU programs outside of EYBL, UA, and adidas have true bigs or wings with exceptional length.

Desta is a raw wing with budding handles and pleasantly soft touch.  There are lot of rough edges to his game that might get worked out in time.  Desta is so tall and talented that he will be given every opportunity imaginable…just like every other player 6-foot-6 and taller.

Kamari Coffey (West Creek) will make a splash this summer.  Coffey fancies himself an outside shooter.  He looks like a shorter version of DeMarr Johnson (retired-Denver Nuggets).  Long, lanky with a velvety touch.  Coffey sees the floor pretty well.  He can make incisive passes and spin defenders around when given backcourt touches.


If Coach Tony’s intentions materialize he will add a handful of new players in the next few days.